Mindful Trader Review 2023

Eric Ferguson, a Stanford graduate with 20 years of trading experience, created Mindful Trader, an alert system designed for swing traders dealing with stocks and options. Launched in 2020, the platform offers daily trading alerts and extensive analytics. 

According to Traders Union’s reviews, unlike traditional trade copying services, Mindful Trader empowers users with absolute freedom, offering transparency and specific results. Ferguson’s unique approach hinges on his proprietary software solutions in backtesting and quantitative programming.

What is Mindful Trader?

Mindful Trader is a service established by Eric Ferguson, an experienced trader, to provide trading alerts and education. Ferguson began trading in 2001 and used his expertise in quantitative programming to develop unique analytics software. This formed the basis for the Mindful Trader service. The service is known for its transparency and provides resources such as stock collections, watch lists, and live positions, as well as trading education. Despite the inherent risks in trading, Ferguson’s methods have yielded an average annual income of 146% over 20 years. According to Traders Union, subscribing to Mindful Trader could significantly enhance a swing trader’s profitability.

Key features of the Mindful Trader service

TU experts have taken a detailed look at the unique capabilities and features of the Mindful Trader service, operated by the experienced swing trader, Eric Ferguson. The key insights are:

  • Mindful Trader provides more than just alerts on trading options and stocks. Each alert comes with a comprehensive analysis of the market situation, along with entry and exit points, stop-loss price, maximum hold time, position size, and other pertinent data.
  • The service employs a momentum trading strategy and sets a time limit for trades to minimize risk. After this period, a trade closes regardless of whether the target value or stop loss has been reached.
  • The alerts sent out contain all the necessary information for the trader to copy Ferguson’s trades, or use the information for their own analytics. Alerts are clear, specific, and detail-oriented.
  • Mindful Trader also offers a comprehensive watch list for traders, providing them with a source of information to base their trades on.
  • Ferguson offers education courses for traders of all experience levels, providing an in-depth understanding of the principles of swing trading.
  • Unlike many other alert providers, Ferguson is transparent with his trading strategies. He uses backtesting as the foundation for his stock market research, providing a realistic picture of an asset’s historical behavior.

Are there any educational programs on the Mindful Trader website?

Yes, the Mindful Trader website does offer educational programs. Eric Ferguson has developed a course specifically designed for swing trading in stocks and options. The course content is tailored for traders of different experience levels and includes both text and video materials. Among other things, Ferguson teaches his unique methods of technical analysis in this educational program.

Is the Mindful Trader alert service reliable?

TU experts affirm that the Mindful Trader alert service is indeed reliable and trustworthy. Eric Ferguson operates within the bounds of US law, providing official alerts on trading options and stocks alongside educational resources, and maintains complete transparency, including in tax reporting. Over its two years of operation, there have been no disputes or failures on Ferguson’s part to fulfill obligations to clients. He consistently provides updates and adds new strategies, keeps the watch list current, produces a regularly published newsletter, and holds frequent educational sessions. While Ferguson, like anyone in the field, can’t guarantee profits on all trades, he helps mitigate risk by using backtesting and mathematical forecasting, which are integral to the Mindful Trader service.

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The Mindful Trader service, led by Eric Ferguson, offers a transparent, comprehensive, and user-friendly approach to swing trading. With a blend of daily alerts, in-depth analysis, and no-deposit access for beginners, it provides a unique platform for traders at all levels to enhance their trading strategies and profitability. For more information, be sure to visit the Traders Union website. 

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