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In the vast sea of online trading, selecting a broker that aligns with your trading strategies and financial goals can be formidable. With this comprehensive Trading 212 review, we aim to simplify this process.

Traders Union has published a detailed Trading 212 review. Understanding your brokerage platform’s offerings, regulatory compliance, and overall performance can significantly impact your trading success. This review presents a detailed study on Trading 212, a UK-based broker known for its investment and trading services.

What is Trading 212?

According to TU experts, Trading 212 is a UK-based brokerage company established in 2006. The company specializes in offering services for investment and active trading in the forex and stock markets. Registered in London, Trading 212 operates under the regulation of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and CySEC in Europe. However, the broker does not provide data on any awards received during its operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of Trading 212

As per TU experts, Trading 212 has several advantages and disadvantages for its users.


  • Financially Inclusive: Trading 212’s low minimum deposit requirement is a substantial draw for all kinds of traders. This requirement provides an accessible entry point, allowing everyone, from beginners to experienced traders, to partake in financial markets. It creates an inclusive environment where even those with limited capital can start trading and gain exposure to various markets.
  • Risk Management: The low minimum deposit also aids in efficient risk management. Traders can choose to invest smaller amounts initially, reducing the potential for substantial losses. As they gain more experience and confidence, they can then gradually increase their investments, thus controlling their risk exposure.
  • Experimentation: The low initial deposit allows traders to experiment with different trading strategies. They can try out new methods without risking significant capital, gain insights into market dynamics, and make informed decisions about future investments.
  • Risk Mitigation: The availability of diverse assets allows traders to build a diversified portfolio, which is essential for risk mitigation. By spreading investments across different assets, traders can minimize the impact of adverse price movements in any one asset class.


  • The absence of investment programs can limit trading strategies.
  • Limited channels to contact support can sometimes lead to delays in resolution.
  • The company does not conduct contests for traders, thus lacking an additional engagement factor.

Analysis of the main features of the Forex broker

Upon detailed analysis by TU experts, Trading 212 scores as follows:

  • Overall score: 2.83/10
  • Execution of orders: 2.62/10
  • Investment instruments: 3.04/10
  • Withdrawal speed: 2.68/10
  • Customer Support work: 2.98/10
  • Variety of instruments: 2.46/10
  • Trading platform: 3.2/10

Trading conditions for Rakuten Securities users

Trading 212 offers a set of trading conditions that cater to diverse trading styles. As outlined by TU experts, Trading 212 employs a web platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android. The account types include Trading 212 Invest, Trading 212 CFD, and ISA (available for UK clients only). The account currency can be GBP, EUR, or a supported local currency. The platform supports several payment methods, including bank cards, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, Skrill, and wire transfers. The minimum deposit required is a mere £1 or €1.

Trading 212 commissions & fees

According to the Traders Union specialists, Trading 212 does not charge any trading fee for deposits or withdrawals. The company ensures transparency by avoiding hidden fees, which adds to the trader’s confidence and trust in the platform.

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To summarize, this Traders Union review of Trading 212 provides an in-depth analysis of the broker’s features, advantages, and limitations. Although Trading 212 could improve in some areas, it still stands as a competitive option for traders seeking low-cost access to trading in various assets.

Remember, staying informed is crucial to successful trading. For more such comprehensive broker reviews and market insights, visit the Traders Union’s official website. Arm yourself with knowledge, and trade smart!

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