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OneUp Trader, a Delaware-based proprietary trading firm, offers traders funding from $25,000 to $250,000 without initial fees and has flexible financial policies. Their trading challenge only requires meeting a profit target, and traders keep all profits up to $10,000, after which they retain 90%. 

This OneUp Trader review emphasizes other benefits, including no withdrawal fees, a comprehensive education platform, and dynamic user analytics. The firm also features a two-tiered strike price system, 15 trading platforms, and a rewarding referral program.

OneUp Trader pros and cons

Traders Union delves into the benefits and drawbacks of OneUp Trader to provide a balanced perspective for potential traders.


  • Five plans offer varying funding amounts, profit targets, and maximum drawdowns.
  • No upfront fees, with full access to all features free for the first 7 days.
  • Partners retain a significant 90-100% of the profits made.
  • All primary deposit and withdrawal methods are supported, with withdrawals starting from $1,000 available anytime.
  • No total drawdown limit, only daily and trailing drawdowns with an option to reset account parameters for a $100 fee.
  • The trading challenge consists of one step with no time limit, requiring the trader to earn a specified amount.
  • Users can trade futures across various assets, including currencies, indices, stocks, commodities, and metals.


  • Monthly fees ranging from $125 to $650 are applicable after the trial period, depending on the chosen plan.
  • Trading is limited to futures only, encompassing various asset types such as agricultural products and energies, excluding cryptocurrencies.
  • Traders can utilize any trading style or strategy, but overnight positions are prohibited as the firm focuses exclusively on intraday trading.

Expert review of OneUp Trader

TU experts provide an overview of OneUp Trader, highlighting its global accessibility and focus on evaluating traders based on their ability to pass a one-step challenge. Here are the key points:

  • No regional restrictions; residents from any country can cooperate with OneUp Trader.
  • The evaluation process involves a one-step challenge with clear objectives and no time limit.
  • After passing the evaluation, partners gain access to their required funding. They can trade various assets, including futures on currencies, stocks, indices, agricultural products, precious metals, energies, and Micro E-Mini futures (excluding cryptocurrencies).
  • Overall, drawdown limits are not set, but trailing drawdowns and a maximum daily loss limit exist. Only intraday trading is allowed, with trades automatically closing overnight.
  • Traders are free to trade without risk limits, and the firm does not intervene if strike prices are not met.
  • Partners keep 90% of profits, with 100% retention of the first $10,000 earned.
  • Tradable contracts and leverage vary based on the chosen plan, and the company offers a high level of personalization suitable for traders of any experience level.

Comparison of OneUp Trader with other brokers

Traders Union compares OneUp Trader with other brokers to provide insights into its unique features and advantages in the market.

  • E8 Funding: Offers funded trading accounts with different plans, low-risk parameters, and profit-sharing opportunities.
  • Topstep: Provides a trading evaluation program, allowing traders to get funded after meeting specific profit targets.
  • Fidelcrest: Offers funded trading accounts with customizable parameters, profit-sharing, and an extensive evaluation process.
  • SurgeTrader: A proprietary trading firm that provides funded accounts, multiple trading platforms, and competitive profit-sharing arrangements.
  • Funded Next: Offers funded trading accounts with various plans, profit targets, and risk parameters for traders to achieve funding.

In addition to the mentioned brokers, True Forex Funds is another notable player in the market. They specialize in providing funded trading accounts with flexible risk parameters, profit-sharing options, and a range of funding plans to cater to traders’ needs and goals. True Forex Funds offers a seamless trading experience and a supportive thriving environment for traders.


OneUp Trader offers funding without upfront fees, flexible financial policies, and a comprehensive education platform. Despite monthly payments and trading limitations, it’s global accessibility and unique one-step evaluation process make it a worthy option. Traders should also explore E8 Funding, Topstep, Fidelcrest, SurgeTrader, Funded Next, and True Forex Funds for funded trading alternatives. Visit the Traders Union website for more information.

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