How to Choose The Best Sunglasses For an Active Lifestyle

When you’re spending time outside, wearing sunglasses is one of the effective ways to prevent your eyes’ health. But that’s only the beginning. Finding the best sunglasses may be a little more difficult, owing to the abundance of options available. Wearing sunglasses that fit the unique requirements of your eyes and improve your time outside is important whether you’re active in sports or simply enjoy a walk in the sun. Consider what you’ll be using your new cateye eyeglasses for women that the function and style are appropriate.

Guide to Choose Best Sunglasses

Depending on the nature of your preferred activities or sporting events, you may want to look for sunglasses with special mouth pads or other types of foam to increase grip as you sweat. Wraparound glasses could be an option for you. Furthermore, special tinting can give you an advantage in certain activities (e.g., help you see the rotation of the tennis ball, softball or baseball; help you see the road better while biking).

Sporty and Active

If you enjoy sports or other forms of physical activity, you should look for sunglasses that are designed and engineered to improve your performance and experience. Your sunglasses should, at the very least, provide 100 percent UV protection. Durable materials, which are small and light and impact high resistance, may be of interest. Polarized lenses may be useful because they reduce glare caused by light designed to reflect off water and other flat surfaces. To reduce reflections from the back surface of your glasses, you may want to have an anti-reflective coating applied to the backside of your glasses.

A lot of Time Spent on the Road

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, you should look for sunglasses that have the following characteristics:

  • Polarized lenses to considerably reduce glare
  • Gray, amber, or copper lenses (blue, green, pink or red tints can distort colors)
  • Thin frames that will not obstruct or obscure your peripheral vision
  • Lightweight and comfy for prolonged use

Business Routine

If you are a business executive looking to instil trust and confidence in your colleagues, choose a conservative sunglass style, such as classic Wayfarers or aviators. Make certain that the lenses provide 100 percent UV safeguard your eyes as you rush between meetings or fly off to see clients.


If you’re a fashionista who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, you should have several pairs of glasses to match different outfits or moods. Small, skinny frames inspired by 1990s fashions are among the most popular sunglass trends for 2019. Mirrored lens sunglasses and clear, transparent panels are also very popular at the moment.

Ideal Sports Sunglasses

While all sporting events sunglasses are designed to fit a more active life, the specific look, cut, and feel of each pair can differ depending on the activity. Knowing what variables will improve your performance will allow you to find a new pair of sunglasses that look good, protect your eyes, and make it easier to do what you absolutely adore.

Buyer Guide to Choose Sunglasses

There are several factors to consider when shopping for sunglasses, regardless of the activity:

  • Those looking for the best sunglasses for a range of situations may want to shop by chassis or style, selecting the season’s most popular or best-selling shades.
  • That is also acceptable. As long as your sunglasses provide adequate UV protection, you can experiment with frames and lens tints, even purchasing multiple pairs to swap out depending on your activity.
  • Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be difficult at first, but once you know what to look for, you can select a pair that best suits your needs and preferences.
  • You would like to find a couple that enhances the shape of your face. The general rule is that the structure of your sunglasses should be the inverse of the shape of your face.

Final Verdict

Many factors must be considered when selecting the best pair of sunglasses for you. What is the shape of your face? Is there a particular type of frame/lens that you prefer? How much money do you want to spend? Though the last question is usually the most important, how you use your glasses also plays a significant role.

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