Petite wigs

To make sure you get the perfect wig size, know that petite-size wigs start at 51cm to 54cm (~20 to 22 inches) and go up to 60cm (24 inches). You should measure your head, add 0.5 of an inch for the adjustable strap and round off to the nearest inch. Take a look at our chart below and see which category applies best to you!

The best way to confirm the size of your wig is to measure the circumference of your head from front hairline, behind ear, to back of neck to other ear and repeat. Please mind that most wigs have adjustable straps which will take up 1-1.5″ of room or stretch depending on your head size.

The following chart can help you visualize the measurements of different wig sizes and choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs. For every catalog page, you’ll be able to use the “Select Size” choice to filter wigs by their many sizes; average, giant, or petite.

Petite wigs it’s important to consider not only the texture, color, and construction of a wig, but also its length when you’re selecting one.

Different wig styles offer different lengths. To help you pick out the best length for your next wig, we’ve created a handy guide. It will give you an idea of where different wig lengths will fall and more.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to choose a wig length that’s flattering and fits your lifestyle. You’ll also be able to style it petite wigs in different ways for more freedom and creativity.

Wigs come in different lengths from eight to thirty-two inches. These lengths allow you to enjoy many different styles, from short layers and bobs to ultra-long glamorous cuts – there’s something for everyone. Plus, these lengths replicate the most common natural hair lengths.

12-24 inch wig lengths are always in high demand because they’re long enough for great styles like bobs, straight hair, or voluminous curls. They’re not too short, but they’re also not too long – beginners can take care of a wig this length with ease!

Side part wigs:

If you’re wearing a human hair wig, any part will do. All you have to do is sprits the hair where you want the parting to be, comb your hair in that direction, and blow-dry it into place. It’s easy as can be!

A side part wigs are a hair extension that is stitched onto a U-shaped wig cap that features lightweight mesh on the front and clips at the back. The side part wigs part in the center of the head allows you to wear your natural hair through it and mix it with the extension. This allows you to have short hair while wearing extensions and get lots of different hairlines throughout the day.

Unlike other wigs, U-part wigs allow you to blend your natural hair with the wig style. This means that yes – they’re sensible for most hair types! Wearing a U-part wig is like wearing any other protective hairstyle, since it gives you access to your own hair while ensuring your strands always look their best.

However, U-part wigs can have a variety of alternate effects on your hair if you don’t take the right installation and medical care measures.

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