How Auto Repair Shops Use Custom Outdoor Flags to Cut Marketing Costs

In the early months of the COVID19 pandemic, the auto repair sector got it easy compared to other industries. Auto repair was deemed an “essential” task, so auto repair shops were allowed to accept customers throughout the pandemic. However, since then, labor shortages, supply chain issues, and other economic forces have crippled this sector.

Several auto repair businesses are dealing with these economic challenges by finding new ways to cut operational costs. Many of these businesses are switching away from generic, expensive marketing tactics like TV ads, digital marketing, campaigns, billboards, etc. Instead, they’re being more strategic with their marketing expenses.

Low-cost marketing tools like custom-printed outdoor flags are back in fashion. Unlike digital or TV ads – these advertising tools are highly inexpensive. Any small-scale auto repair shop owner can afford to custom-print hundreds of these flags. These flags are also super-durable, which makes them even more cost-effective.

Strategic Low-Cost Marketing with Outdoor Advertising Flags

There are many surprising benefits of using low-cost marketing tools like outdoor flags. Here’s what auto repair shop owners achieve with these cost-effective flags –

Sending Timely Marketing Messages to Local Audiences

The COVID19 pandemic is over, and many people are planning to go on road trips. Why not create specific ads targeting such car owners? With low-cost advertising flags, auto repair shop owners get to do exactly that. These flags are ideal promotional tools for short-term campaigns.

Want to inform your customers about COVID19 health and safety guidelines? Custom print your brand’s flags with health and safety-related information. Customers who see these flags will assume your brand is doing its part to fight the pandemic.

  • Hosting a seasonal sale? Let everyone in the local market know by installing custom flags in busy areas of your neighborhood.
  • Create custom flags for each occasion (e.g., major sporting events, 4th of July, etc.) Wish your target customers in style every year with these reusable marketing flags.

Flags are easy to customize, print, and install. Plus, they’re light, portable, and super-cheap. These qualities make these advertising tools ideal for promoting timely, short-term campaigns.

24 x 7 Visibility

Outdoor advertising flags are designed for the outdoors. Sunlight, moisture, and other external weather-related elements don’t damage promotional flags at all. Once you install your brand’s advertising flags outside your repair store – you won’t have to worry about them again. They can easily withstand decades of moisture damage, sunlight damage, pollution, and other external damages.


Marketing flags come in various sizes and shapes. They can flexibly fit in any outdoor or indoor location. From crowded streets to international tradeshows – these flags attract eyes anywhere you install them. Auto repair shop owners take advantage of this quality by installing their brands’ flags across various locations.

Evergreen Investment

Promotional flags last for decades without losing their shine or appeal. The custom-printed flags you buy for your brand today will serve your business interests for several decades. The durability of outdoor marketing flags makes them extremely cost-effective. That’s why several auto repair shop owners use these cost-effective flags to promote their brands.

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