To Repair or Replace Your Roof: Which is The Best Option?

During home improvement, it is crucial to make informed decisions to avoid costly mistakes and enjoy long-term benefits. This is especially true when handling large projects like roof repair or replacement. The roof is an integral part of the house, providing shade and protection against harsh weather conditions. When you have a leaky or damaged rofg the two, it is essential to understand each choice, its benefits, and what you require. Here is an overview of whether to repair or replace the roof.

Choosing to Repair the Roof

Missing or damaged shingles due to wind or a fallen branch are easy to fix. You can simply remove the damaged ones and replace them with new ones. Even though the new shingles will not match the rest of the roof, it is a small price you will pay to ensure your roof is safe and can withstand another five years. 

However, if you plan to sell the house, finding shingles that match the rest is best. Working with a roofing contractor in Fitchburg WI is advisable since they can easily find shingles that match closely. A roof with a visible patch can be unattractive and deter potential buyers.

Partially Reroofing Could Be an Option

Removing everything will be unnecessary if the roof is significantly damaged on one side. Partial reroofing is also an option that will cost you less than replacing the entire roof.  Professionals will ensure the repaired part matches the rest. Hiring professionals is highly recommended because a DIY roof repair could result in additional issues.

Adding a New Roof is Cheaper in the Long Run

If the roof is showing extensive damage, asking the contractor to consider whether a replacement is necessary will be a good idea. Replacing with a new roof is costly, which means you must be well-prepared. However, it is best in the long run as it will help the energy efficiency of your home. Most roofing materials last around 10 to 20 years. After that, they wear out and require replacing them with new ones.

Replacing the entire roof depends on the extent of shingle wear, climate, and your house’s vulnerability to damage in the future. Instead of repairing patches that are extensively damaged, it is advisable to reroof them. This option is cheaper in the long run. You will even be able to choose materials of higher quality to last longer.

Roof Over or Tear Off?

If you have decided to replace the roof, you can install a new one over the previous one. You can also tear off the old roof before installing a new one. Again, this choice boils down to saving some money and risking issues in the future or spending a lot of money and saving yourself from the headache of future expenses. Placing a new roof over an older one depends on the condition of the previous roof. If you think it is too damaged and might compromise the structural integrity of the new one, it is best to tear it off completely.

Find a Roofing Contractor for Repair or Replacement

Whether you decide to repair or replace your roof, it is advisable to call an experienced contractor. Because your roof is a significant expense, it needs to last you for years. Therefore, to ensure you do it right, hire an experienced roofer and you will have nothing to worry about.

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