How has digital marketing changed over time?

The number of products that consumers now buy online has increased, making the internet the most obvious platform for advertising goods and services. 

The most effective methods for reaching customers now include Digital Marketing:  search engines and social media websites. If you are driven by the term,” Digital Marketing”, you should definitely check out Digital Marketing Training

If you are keen to know what digital marketing is and how it has evolved during the past years, you are at the right place.

What is Digital Marketing?

  • One of the hottest industries, digital marketing offers high-paying positions for qualified candidates.  Digital marketing  concentrates on knowledge of brand management, social media marketing and SEO.
  • The various strategies used by businesses to reach out to customers through digital channels like social media and email. Businesses use digital marketing to expand their customer base, target niche markets they believe will be interested in their services and products, and gain traction. Keeping track of how many people their advertisements are reaching and whether or not that is resulting in more business is also helpful for businesses.
  • After gaining a basic understanding of what digital marketing is, let’s try to identify its historical roots and follow its development up to the present.

History and Evolution of Digital Marketing 

  • With the introduction of the internet and the Web 1.0 platform, the digital age began. Users could now find information, but there was no way to share it. As the internet was still not widely used at this point, marketers were hesitant to use the digital platform for marketing.
  • In the 1990s, with the introduction of server-client architecture and the growing use of personal computers, the term “digital marketing” was first used.
  • The Archie search engine, which indexes FTP sites, was created at this time. In the 1980s, companies began utilizing database marketing and other online strategies because computer storage capacity had already been enhanced to accommodate large amounts of data.
  • There is some disagreement over who should be credited as the father of digital marketing. Some contend that Marconi should be, since he sent the first radio signal, while others believe Ray Tomlinson should be, since he sent the first email in 1971.
  • Others believe that Philip Kotler, who is the true founder, is the only person who has the knowledge needed to understand this topic.

Indian Market for Digital Marketing

  • Since VSNL began offering internet services in 1995, digital marketing has existed in India.
  • However, as of 2000, only 0.5% of Indians were internet users. The internet boom really took off after 2005, which is when India’s digital marketing industry started to develop.
  • After experiencing a rapid growth in 2008, a number of new digital marketing businesses were established by 2010, and thousands of professionals were hired to work for them.
  • In India, 15% of the population used the internet in 2013, and 525 million people were online in that country by 2019 after a subsequent 6 year period. Within the next two years, it is anticipated to surpass 650 million.

Web marketing In the current environment

Digital marketing today is shaped by the existence of a sizable and varied digital audience. According to research by Smart Insights:

  • More than 4 billion people use the internet as of today (as of 2018).
  • As of 2018, there were roughly 3.2 billion active users on social media.
  • As of 2018, there were 5.14 billion mobile phone users worldwide.
  • Each of these figures demonstrates a significant increase in usership over previous years.

Digital Marketing’s Future

It is reasonable to assume that digital marketing will advance along with technology as it continues to expand and develop. Visit EngineRoom if you are interested in digital marketing services.

We can forecast where the industry might go in the future based on our knowledge of the market as it exists today. Forbes predicts the following short-term trends:

  • Increased focus on global marketing integration. 

With the help of this technique, users can connect information from various sources, such as a blog and an email, to discuss various aspects of the same subject.

  • Utilizing integrated marketing technology stacks

With the help of digital marketing, different technologies will soon be more cohesively and consistently integrated.

  • To maximize coordinated exposure in as many digital channels as possible, businesses will use data mining and deep analytics more frequently.

What emerging trends in digital marketing can we expect in the future?

New trends appear every other day because the field of digital marketing is so diverse and dynamic. Studies predict that the following trends will rule the digital marketing scene in 2022 and beyond:

  • One is the development of micro-influencer marketing

It seems like every other social media platform is being taken over by influencers. Even micro-influencers now have a loyal and genuine fan base or community. An influencer exists in almost every niche.

Therefore, brands rely on micro-influencers in the same niche to promote their products. Their reach is expanded and they are able to reach a more narrow audience.

  • Marketing through dialogue will advance

Generation Z and Millennials today demand instant gratification and personalization in all aspects of life. The same applies to brand experience. Businesses are attempting to add a more personal touch to their online marketing campaigns.

As an illustration, businesses use AI to generate automated messages and provide real-time feedback to website visitors. When a customer asks a brand a question, chatbots respond immediately. It is essential for enhancing client satisfaction and experience.


As we become accustomed to seeing the world through AR glasses and utilizing immersive technologies, we can begin to define the future of digital marketing. Social will probably seamlessly merge online and offline in ten years.

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