Why Hakim Ziyech retired from his national team?

It can be said that the dream of any football player is to also be able to be a star for his national team. The website 1xbet.com/en can be visited in order to wager on the best national squads from all over the world.

Hakim Ziyech is certainly one of the best Moroccan football players of the moment. In 2021, being only 28 years old at the time, he shocked fans from his country by announcing his retirement from the national team. The 1xBet website can be used to wager on matches that feature this player.

Player vs coach

Normally, when a player retires from his national team at such a young age, the main reason is usually related to problems between him and his coach. Ziyech’s case was no exception. The coach of the Moroccan national team at that moment was Vahid Halilhodžić. Both of them had a falling out when the manager accused the player of faking an injury in order not to play on certain matches. The 1xBit app for betting can also be used to wager on the Moroccan national squad.

In fact, he was dropped from the squad that participated in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. According to the coach, the player stated that he was unable to play. However, assessments made by the medical team stated that he was in perfect shape. By the way, the app for betting provided by 1xBit can also be used to wager on the Africa Cup of nations and other tournaments of this kind.

An impressive player

Nobody can say that Ziyech is not a fantastic player. During his career he has played on different teams in the Netherlands and also England. Before these teams play their respective matches, try the bet online casino only with 1xbet.com/en/casino, which is available for all members of the platform. Some of these squads have been:

  • Heerenveen
  • Twente
  • Ajax
  • and Chelsea.

Additionally, it should be noted that Ziyech was part of the Dutch U-20 and U-21 national teams. This is because he was actually born in the Netherlands. For this reason, he had the chance to choose between this team and Morocco. When it came to representing a senior side, he picked the African squad.

Despite the problems that he had with Halilhodžić in the national team, Ziyech’s performances were quite good. In fact, prior to his retirement he had scored 17 goals in 40 matches played. Those were really impressive numbers for someone who plays as a winger or as an attacking midfielder. You can win only with the 1xBet casino, which allows you to make online bets on excellent games that offer incredible winning opportunities.

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