10 Indian Cricketers Who Have Scored The Most Runs In First-Class Games: Great Athletes

The Ranji Trophy, which is considered India’s most important domestic tournament, draws a lot of promising young cricket players from India who wants to one day play for their national team.

According to sports news cricket, this tournament, along with the Irani Cup and the Duleep Trophy, is part of India’s first-class circuit. It gives young players from India a chance to show what they can do. In India, a player would be asked to play for the national team if he did well enough in first-class cricket to be considered for the team.

  • Mohammad Azharuddin –

Mohammad Azharuddin, who used to lead India and Hyderabad, is now ranked tenth on the list of the best run scorers in Indian first-class cricket history. Azharuddin has scored the tenth most runs in the history of the game.

With his skillful bat, he scored 15855 runs at an average of 51, with 54 centuries and 74 half-centuries. Overall, he had a good batting average of 51, which is a lot. Most of these runs, 22, including 6215, were made by Azharuddin in the 99 Test matches he played in. Azharuddin is the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association at the moment. He is currently second all-time in terms of the most runs scored in domestic competition, behind only VVS Laxman.

  • Pahlan Ratanji Umrigar  –

Pahlan Ratanji Umrigar is now tenth on the list of players who have scored the most runs in the history of Indian first-class cricket. During his career, he played in 243 first-class games and 59 tests.

Umrigar finished his first-class cricket career with a total of 16155 runs, with an average of 52.28 runs per game. During his innings, he got 49 centuries and 80 half-centuries. In England, his best score was 252 not out, which he got against Cambridge University.

  • Dilip Vengsarkar –

Dilip Vengsarkar is seventh on the list of India’s all-time best-run scorers in first-class cricket. He is one of the most well-known people who support the drive, and people have called him one of the most prominent people who support the drive.

The right-handed player made his debut in 1975 and went on to score an average of 52 runs per game in 260 first-class games, giving him a total of 17868 runs. There were 55 centuries and 87 half-centuries in his total number of runs.

In the longest version of the game, called “Test,” Vengsarkar got 6,868 runs in 116 games, with an average score of 42.13. During his career, he had 17 centuries and 35 half-centuries.

  • Gundappa Rangnath Vishwanath –

Gundappa Rangnath Vishwanath is now seventh on India’s all-time list of people who have scored the most runs in first-class cricket. He played in 308 first-class games and scored an average of 40.93 runs per game, for a total of 17,970 runs. The stylish batsman who played for Mysore (after which the team was renamed Karnataka) got a lot of attention for his beautiful square cuts. Viswanath scored 6,080 runs in 91 games, which is 41.93 runs per game.

  • Vijay Hazare –

The batsman played for Baroda and Maharashtra and had 18,740 runs in first-class games. He also played in 30 Test games. Hazare is now sixth on India’s all-time list of first-class cricket players with the most runs. The right-handed batsman ended his first-class cricket career with a batting average of 58.33, the best score of 316 not out, 60 hundred, and 73 half-centuries. Hazare and another player named Vijay Merchant were both thought to be some of India’s best batters when they were playing.

  • Wasim Jaffer –

Wasim Jaffer has moved up to seventh place on India’s all-time list of the most runs scored in first-class cricket.

The legendary batsman from Mumbai has scored the most runs in the history of the Ranji Trophy. In first-class cricket, he scored a total of 21,010 runs, with 57 centuries and 91 half-centuries. His average was 50.67. His average at the plate was 50.67. Jaffer played cricket for India, and he took part in a total of 31 Test matches. In 2006, against the West Indies, he was the only player to score a hundred. Even though Jaffer has scored five centuries in Tests, he probably feels he missed out on some good luck because he wasn’t able to play in more Tests for his country.

  • VVS Laxman –

Vangipurappu Venkata Sai Laxman was a cricketer from Hyderabad who was known for how smoothly he hit the ball. In international play, he liked to play for Australia. He is the player with the fourth most runs scored in the history of Indian first-class cricket. Laxman scored a total of 73,010 runs for the Hyderabad, South Zone, and India teams. Of these, 55 and 98 were centuries. He was very important to all three teams.

  • Rahul Dravid –

Rahul Dravid is one of only two batsmen to have scored more than 10,000 runs while batting third in a test match. He is now third on the list of Indian players with the most first-class runs.

The great batsman for Karnataka made his first-class debut in 1990 and had a 22-year first-class career, during which he scored a total of 23794 runs. It took 68 hundred and 117 half-centuries of hard work to earn this amazing amount.

  • Sachin Tendulkar –

The young man from Mumbai is only five feet tall, but he is currently second all-time in first-class runs in India. Tendulkar got a total of 253,96 runs in 310 first-class matches, which is almost a quarter of a century. He averaged 57.84 runs per match. He got 81 hundred and 116 fifty-fifty scores. All of these runs, which add up to 15921, were scored in Test matches. Tendulkar is the player with the most runs in the history of ODIs. His front-foot smashes, especially his straight drives, had a lot of power.

  • Sunil Gavaskar –

Sunil Gavaskar is the only other Indian player with more runs in first-class cricket. He is also the first Indian player to get over 10,000 runs and 30 hundred in Test cricket.

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