Top-Notch Banking Payment Methods Used By Online Casino Players In Singapore

Gone are the days when a chook head bookie would be sitting at the counter, and you be counting cash in the corner to pay for gambling. Days have changed 360 degrees, and so is the mode of deposit and withdrawal methods in the casinos. Whether it’s a land-based or online casino Singapore, the mode of payment in Singapore casinos has changed from cash to debit/credit cards and online banking to e-wallets.

Singapore is one of the most popular betting destinations in the world, and the government has paid licenses to two famous land-based casinos Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. You can now play at popular online casino platforms like Maxim88 too. The casino offers great bonuses, promotions, VIP, and welcome bonus packages. Payment methods are safe and secure and can be paid through mobile gameplay.

Without much ado, let us now deep dive into the popular banking payment methods offered at online casinos.

Top Payment Methods Used By Casino Players

Online casino gambling provides fun, excitement, and thrill whether you play live casino Singapore games, sports betting, slot games, fishing games, or any of your favorite games. You can pay through cryptocurrency, banking apps, digital wallets, or debit/credit cards. Start playing the games when you have deposited the requisite amount for availing the bonuses and promotions. When you play any game, make sure that the particular payment method and currency conversion are available for your selected region.

1. Debit/Credit Cards

The two most popular methods used by online casino players are debit and credit cards. These have been in use for much time and are the favorite methods for the players. Most reputable Singaporean casinos allow Visa Cards, Maestro, Master Cards, and American Express (if US players are allowed). Many casino players mostly use Credit Cards to gamble when playing online casino games at any of the online casinos around the globe. These are easy to use and allow convenient deposits and withdrawals. There is no need to have a prepaid card too. Players widely accept most Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

2. Cryptocurrency/ Crypto Payment

We all know that crypto payments are fast and anonymous. Most online casinos opt for this mode because of the security it provides. However, the players need to have a crypto wallet before playing at any online casino. Bitcoin leads the pack here, with Tether and Ethereum being the second most chosen payment via the digital currency mode. Cryptocurrency functions under the decentralized structure and renders more privacy for financial activities. Other cryptocurrencies offered by the casinos are Bitcoin, TRC20, ERC-20 and Ethereum  etc. Moreover, using crypto payment in casinos helps with easy deposits and withdrawals.

3. Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer

It is one of casino players’ oldest and still usable banking payment methods. Most Singaporean casino players use bank transfers or wire transfers from their bank to the casino account through internet banking. The bank or wire transfer is done within a few simple steps. However, when it comes to fees and withdrawals, it will leave your eyes rolling. You will be charged a bank fee for the transaction, and withdrawals may take 3-5 business days, depending on the online casino. Popular bank transfers include Interac. Astro Pay, PayNow, and SurePay. Both SurePay and PayNow include the transfer of SGD funds from the payee account to the casino’s account.

4. Digital Wallets/ E-wallets

E-wallets are much in demand among casino players when they deposit or pay. Here, the users can make a direct payment by inputting their credentials or first deposit into their wallet and then make a payment. The best part of using the digital wallet is that they are linked to your bank account so that instant payments can be processed. The protection policies, security, and dispute resolution are fast from the e-wallet provider. Money transfer through digital wallets is a matter of a few seconds. You need not wait for hours together. Some of the famous e-wallets used by the players in Singapore are:

  • Help2Pay
  • Eezie Pay
  • Alipay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal (if you are a US or UK player)
  • ecoPayz
  • PayNearMe
  • Eco Card
  • DragonPay
  • TruePay

The limit of deposit and withdrawal for each of these digital wallet methods is stated at the required casinos. Before opting for this payment method, you must check the deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions.

5. Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Most online casinos in Singapore accept prepaid cards and e-vouchers too. These prepaid cards and vouchers already have a certain amount filled in them. You need to purchase them for a certain monetary value and insert their 16-digit unique number on the online casino platform to play the casino game. If you look forward to complete anonymity and security in the payment system, prepaid cards and vouchers are the ultimate sources to make online casino payments. You can pick the options like Neosurf, Paysafecard, AstroPay, etc.

6. Mobile Payment

UPI or mobile fund transfers are the fastest and easier source for casino payments. You can scan the QR code to make the payments too. It makes the whole process quite easy for the users. Zimpler is a popular provider along with Megafon to make payments using mobile fund transfers. You can link your phone number to your credit card or bank account to transfer the payment to your casino’s money wallet. Players will receive a security code or OTP for verification. You can even verify the transaction online at the casino using a fingerprint.

Make Payment With The Best Banking Method!

Maxim88 is a popular online casino platform offering cryptocurrency, bank transfer, and e-wallet to deposit or withdraw money. The players must check out the terms and conditions of the payment methods. You can try your luck on our platform with many amazing slot games, casino games, fishing games, and sports betting. Make easy fund transfers and enjoy your time at our online casino!

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