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MuchBetter Casinos: The new trend in online gambling?

In the iGaming scene, a clear division has been established in recent years when it comes to banking. The classics are bank transfers and credit cards. Speed and flexibility are provided by the eWallets Skrill, NETELLER and PayPal, as well as the Apple Pay payment service. However, this division has faltered, because PayPal has withdrawn from the Canada online casino market. Why this is not known, although it is speculated that it has to do with the still ambiguous legal situation.

PayPal was or is one of the big players in the segment of eWallets. But instead, a new player has appeared: MuchBetter. But what speaks for the payment service? Meanwhile, there is a large selection of online casinos that accept MuchBetter – here is an overview of the payment service provider.

The appearance of new payment methods is not unusual

In a real sense, it is not unusual for new providers to appear in the list of online casinos that accept Muchbetter. MuchBetter is one such payment provider. Behind the service is “Mir limited UK Ltd.” a company based in London. Of course, this affects the area of regulation, which will be discussed in more detail later.

MuchBetter focuses on mobile payments, similar to Apple Pay. What does this mean? In order to deposit at a MuchBetter casino, an account is required. This is opened via the app and not online. Payments are also made via the app, which is different from NETELLER or PayPal online casinos.

For MuchBetter, however, “mobile payment” does not mean that transactions can only be carried out via the app, but quite the opposite. Like many other FinTechs, MuchBetter thinks outside the box and comes up with innovative ideas. For example, in addition to a key fob with an NFC chip, the offering also includes a prepaid Mastercard. This allows customers to use their MuchBetter credit directly, even without a cell phone.

How reputable is MuchBetter?

If you sign up at a MuchBetter online casino, you should make sure in advance that the provider has a proper and reputable license. It is also important that the payment options are secure and trustworthy.

However, what about the regulation of the payment service provider? Is MuchBetter reputable or is there even fraud involved here? In this case, as with MuchBetter Casinos, the license also provides an important indication of seriousness. The operating company operates its headquarters in London and thus falls under the jurisdiction of the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority. The permission to issue electronic money is based on the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Another important point that MuchBetter is reputable and trustworthy is the membership in the Electronic Money Association (UK).

MuchBetter knows how to score

So far, one important point has not been mentioned. MuchBetter is a payment method that everyone should take a closer look at, and for a certain reason: the welcome bonuses are often a reason to sign up at an online casino. But many of the providers exclude Skrill and NETELLER as payment methods. In this case MuchBetter is an excellent alternative.

In addition, there is another interesting fact. Because every time a deposit is made via MuchBetter in the online casino, then the customer receives points. This is comparable to the loyalty program of gambling portals. With these points, the customer takes part in the weekly draw, where a prize of up to €100 beckons. In addition, there are always special promotions for players who deposit via MuchBetter.

MuchBetter even offers excellent customer service

MuchBetter online casinos always emphasize excellent customer service, which competently helps with problems and questions. This is also available at MuchBetter, namely in the app. There, a huge help section with various topics is provided. If no solution can be found there, then a specific question can be asked, which will then be answered via email.

The conclusion to MuchBetter: A payment service with many advantages

MuchBetter offers an app that has many advantages:

  1. Quick and easy registration
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Absolutely secure
  4. Real time deposits or payments
  5. Prepaid MasterCard & key fob with NFC chip

MuchBetter is a new payment method that is perfect for online casino fans. Because here not only the deposits in the online casino are facilitated, but also any payments in everyday life. Thus, MuchBetter proves to be a relatively good replacement for PayPal.

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