Let’s Prepare For UPSC Prelims & Mains!

This examination is conducted by the Union Public Service examination every year.

Every year, many students sit for this exam and pursue a course for the UPSC exam. It is conducted in three phases, i.e., prelims, mains, and interviews. The prelims examination is of objective type, the mains is of subjective type, and the interview is conducted in face to face manner. 

In order to sit in this examination, aspirants have to fit the eligibility criteria, which you can check on the official website of UPSC.

Reasons to Prepare for UPSC
The Union Public Service is an examination body that conducts the exam for various posts such as IAS, IPS, etc. It is considered one of the toughest examinations and most prestigious examinations. There are many perks once you become a civil servant. Moreover, there are some reasons why you should prepare for UPSC.

  • It is a challenging examination. So, getting familiar with the syllabus is essential. Also, whenever you read any topic, articulate proper arguments on it. This thing will also help you in the near future
  • The UPSC exam is divided into two parts: language comprehension and reasoning. In language comprehension, you need to know about basic English and grammar, whereas, in reasoning, you need to solve the problems on logical data and analysis
  • It is a merit-based examination, which means the score will not depend on your previous performance. Also, you can give this examination many times depending on the requirement mentioned on the official website of the UPSC
  • It can open the door to prestigious positions in the government of India

General Planning Strategy for Prelims and Mains

Strategy and planning are essential elements in the UPSC examination as it is very competitive and one of the toughest exams.

The exam of UPSCtough and candidates should put in a lot of hard work and determination to be successful in this. Many aspirants take UPSC preparation coaching as well in order to strategize their study planning. 

The preparation strategy varies from aspirant to aspirant, but there are some common and critical tips you can stick to.

Preparation Tips for Prelims

Build the Basic Concepts

Before starting the preparation, it is always better to start with the basics because they are the building blocks for the UPSC exam. Read the NCERT books on polity, geography, history, economics, and sociology. These basic books of NCERT will provide a basic scenario to understand the standard books like M.Laxmikanth, etc.

Understand the Syllabus 

Prelims is an entry gate to sit in the mains examination, so it is better to focus on the prelims syllabus 1-2 months before its scheduling. The prelims marks don’t count in the mains examination, so it is better to prepare strategically. 

For instance, focus on modern history, polity, economics, science, and technology, as most of the questions are asked from these subjects in prelims. Also, you can go for UPSC courses classes for prelims.

Prepare Comprehensive Notes

As revision is one of the keys in the UPSC civil service examination, it is always better to make short notes and mind maps that will help to quickly and speedily complete the topic, and it will also be retained in the memory for the long term. Prepare your notes in a point and concise manner. They should contain all the necessary information that can fit well with any question asked.

Preparation Strategy for Mains

Essay Paper Preparation

The best method to prepare for an essay paper is to practice the previous year’s question papers. Also, while writing the answers, connect the static portion with current affairs, as it will make answers more attractive to the examiner.

Preparation of General Studies Papers

Learn the syllabus first. Yes, it might feel strange, but by doing this, you can quickly analyze the topics with which the GS paper is associated.

Analyze every GS paper’s syllabus and prepare comprehensive current affairs of respected subjects. As current affairs are crucial in UPSC exam preparation, taking any current affairs course at any good UPSC coaching institute is also an option.

While writing answers in the mains, first read the question carefully and try to understand the mains keyword, as it helps you write the answers according to the question.

To understand the concepts better, revise and practice repeatedly. Join any online UPSC classes, and you will be given a test series to enhance your main answer writing.

Optional Paper Preparation

Selection of the right optional subject is very important because it will help you get good marks. 

While preparing for optional, start with basic books as it will help you to make the base for reading the standard books. After completing basic books, learn to start preparing from standard books or join any UPSC coaching for optional.

After completing the syllabus for the optional subject, practice the previous papers. Also, if you need to take the best coaching center for UPSC for an optional subject, you can check out many online platforms.

Wrapping Up!

Cracking the UPSC examination is the dream of every aspirant. However, it is quite a daunting task, but the proper strategy can help you. So, be consistent and honest in your preparation. If possible, you can take admission to the best institute for UPSC coaching.


  1. When should you start preparing for the mains examination?

Ans: Mains examination is a crucial stage that comprises the maximum weightage of marks in the overall IAS examination. You can start preparing for mains during your preliminary preparation. The syllabus of mains consists of the prelims syllabus too.

  1. How can you manage your time?

Ans: UPSC preparation requires you to be consistent with your practice. Managing time is a crucial aspect of your preparatory journey. Online courses can be the best suitable option for you to proceed with your preparation with the help of recorded lectures and test series.

  1. What optional subject should you choose?

Ans: An optional subject selection must be done wisely as it consists of 500 marks in the final papers. You should analyze your strengths and weaknesses and decide accordingly. It is advisable to go with the subject of your interest.

  1. How can you prepare your own answers with improved explanations?

Ans: Making your own notes can ace your preparation strategy in the best possible ways. Preparing notes helps grasp the concept knowledge as per your understanding and it also aids revision of the concerned subject.

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