Jet-Set and Go: Essential Travel Hacks for Every Explorer to save money in Mumbai

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Are you dreaming of visiting the city of Dreams, Mumbai, with a low bank balance? Well, don’t be ashamed because that’s the common problem of every traveller. We know travelling & discovering Mumbai is expensive, but here we share some hacks for every explorer. If you are headed to Mumbai through Kolkata to Mumbai flight, follow these hacks before planning a trip.

Design your trip to Mumbai in a cheaper way

Mumbai is an expensive city to live in, but if you are a budgeted traveller, then plan your trip affordably. Checkout some money-saving trip-

  • Look for a cheap hotel

Do you want to bring back your old hostel days? You can pick some shared rooms or backpacker’s hotels in Mumbai. Well, there are lots of Cheap hotel booking options in Mumbai where you can find comfortable rooms that are equipped with a TV, AC and Wifi. You can book cheap hotels in Mumbai in advance online through online websites.

  • Book your plane ticket a little earlier

If you want to book your trip to Mumbai by plane, then check out the Kolkata to Mumbai flight in advance. Booking your flight ticket before 30 to 60 days can help you to save lots of bucks. In addition, travellers can get some extra discounts by using coupon codes and gift vouchers. Try to pick late-night flights since the prices of late-night flights are low. Well, all these things are only possible when you plan your trip earlier.

  • Check out the affordable restaurants

If you want to try good food in Mumbai, then look out for affordable restaurants. However, you can check out some street food options. If you want to witness the delicacy of the local cuisine of Mumbai, then try street foods, for example, Panipuri, Vada Pav, Sevpuri and Bhelpuri. You can ask locals to suggest some affordable hotels or restaurants.

  • Visit for street shopping 

If you are a shopaholic person and can’t rest from shopping, then give preference to street shopping rather than shopping at malls. Mumbai’s street market has multiple things for budget travellers. Here, you can find everything from engraved watches to premium quality handbags or clothes. There are a lot of marketers who offer products in different niches. Visit Fashion Street, Colaba and Hill Road Market for affordable shopping. Here, you can also find kitchen items and crockery items. Well, if you want some extra discounts, learn the bargaining skills.

  • Select non-expensive locations

The nightlife of Mumbai is filled with lots of glamour. Here, you can find lots of bars, pubs, and nightclubs which you have seen on TV and in Videos. Well, these are all expensive things. So, if you are on a tight budget, select places that are not very expensive. Avoid visiting pubs and bars at night because they are expensive. In addition, you can explore Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Elephanta Caves, Museums, etc., without paying any entry fee. 

By considering all the above-discussed points, you can save a few bucks on your trip to Mumbai. 

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