The right motorcycle clothing for road trips

Are you planning on taking a long road trip with your motorcycle, and now you are looking for the perfect motorcycle gear? If so, you found the right article here. We have all the tips and tricks on how to find the best motorcycle gear for long road trips! On the off chance if you are looking for luxury accomodation during your trip, you can check out Greek Villas.

Why is the right motorcycle clothing for road trips so important?

Long road trips with the motorcycle are a lot of fun. Not only do we have the option to explore new and beautiful areas, but the feeling of freedom is unique and not easy to experience in any other form of transport. But, safety and comfort are two essential factors that you need to keep in mind while planning your trip. Being on a motorcycle for hours on end can be exhausting and uncomfortable, but you always need to be prepared in case of an accident. Having high-quality gear that will not only protect you from possible injuries but are also comfortable and make this ride enjoyable is what it’s all about. Therefore, you need to closely examine what kind of motorcycle gear you want to buy and spend your money on. Have a look at, here; you can find a good overview of possible equipment that you might be interested in. This will not only help you to decide on gear but also helps you to get an understanding of what possible gear options you can choose from.

This is the best motorcycle gear for road trips!

The chances of getting into an accident rise the longer you drive and the more tired you get. This is not ideal, but you should be prepared with comfortable and safe motorcycle gear!

The right helmet

You might already have a helmet, but if not, or if you are on the market for a new one, you should focus on quality and comfort. Try on multiple options and see which one works the best for you. Keep in mind, that there are many different types of helmets. For long road trips, we recommend the ones that are fully closed. Sure, this won’t allow you to feel the air in your hair when you drive around, but in case of an accident, your head will be fully protected.

Long pants

Are you planning a road trip in summer, and do you want to choose shorts while on the road? Unfortunately, that is not recommendable at all. Shorts won’t give you any protection in case of an accident, and therefore we advise you to go for long pants. Many people choose leather pants, but thicker jeans will also do. Just be sure that they cover your legs and are still comfortable.

Ankle covering boots

Especially on long road trips, you need proper shoes! In this case, we recommend ankle-covering leather boots. These are not only long-lasting but will give you a good grip on the bike. In case of an accident, they will protect your feet and give you a steady seat.


Many motorcyclists don’t even think about gloves, but they are actually highly important. Not only are hands fragile and can suffer from bad injuries during an accident, but suitable gloves also help keep a steady grip on the motorcycle. Especially if you ride the bike in summer, you might sweat and have issues holding on to the bike – with suitable gloves, you won’t have this problem.

A leather jacket

Don’t forget to count on a leather jacket to protect your back and arms in case of an accident!

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