Is Passive Play a Good Strategy in Poker?

Many beginners of the game start by playing passive poker. This is because they are unsure of themselves. They fear what other players will do if they raise. They don’t want to be in the awkward position of having to fold. 

Passive players are afraid of risks and play defensively out of fear of losing. They will check and call often. A player who bets and raises more is an aggressive player. 

Unless a player uses a passive strategy to fool opponents, an aggressive strategy is usually regarded as being stronger. Bets and raises can lead to opponents making more mistakes. You will rarely see professional poker players playing passively. 

The risks of limping 

When you limp in the pot, you end up with many other players in the pot. They may have hands that dilute your equity. These hands may have folded at pre-flop if you had been bold enough to raise.

When you limp instead of raise, less money goes into the pot. This makes it harder to build the pot and get value from weaker hands. When you check, limp, or call, you don’t give your opponent the option to fold. The same principle applies when you play at an internet casino. You need to force hard decisions on other players so you can benefit from their mistakes. More aggressive play can make other players think you have a strong hand even if you don’t. This will induce those with mediocre or poor hands to fold. 

Blind aggression isn’t the solution

More aggressive play can help you to win games but it doesn’t mean you must just bet and raise at every opportunity. It is also not referring to being obnoxious or loud. You have to keep a cool head and pick your spots wisely to bet or raise. You need to adjust your aggression levels according to the type of play at the table. If a table has many passive players, this is a good opportunity to play aggressively. 

You could start by raising instead of limping pre-flop. Raising preflop will earn respect from other players. It will narrow down the field and give you a chance to take the pot. When you force opponents out of the pot in the pre-flop betting round, you buy position. The more players you can force out of the hand that act after you, the better your position will be. 

Constantly playing aggressively

Poker does not provide a reliable way to make money fast but you are likely to make more if you play aggressively. Playing passively will rarely earn you much money. After the flop, you need to continue to aggressively pursue the pot. Not being aggressive can prevent you from winning. 

Opponents will watch you and take notice when you play aggressively. If you constantly play aggressively, opponents may give your hands less credit as the game continues. They will call you down to try and catch you out in a bluff. This can work to your advantage. When you do get a strong hand, opponents may still call you down because they no longer believe you have a good hand. The fact that they don’t believe you can help you to make money.

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