Facebook’s troubles with social casinos

The setup of technology on gaming reflects the ability of users to find ways to escape from commotions happening around the world. There are games that are therapeutic, but some are addictive. Hence, it still depends on how people look at it. Even a simple slot game can make a person sit for hours. But how much more if games are found on social media platforms like Facebook?

If we are going to notice all the shared posts on our news feeds, we might find posts and ads that clickable and direct you to other platforms. Or, if you have installed a mobile game and it requires you to register via Facebook. But, have we ever thought of questioning why most applications or games we download are engaged with Facebook? Even some casino games have it. Why would Facebook allow gambling to be associated with them? Are there some illegalities behind these games?

In this article, we will tackle social casinos that were involved with Facebook. And the remedies that are still possible to get amended.

What Are Social Casinos?

Before we move forward, it is relevant to understand and know first what social casinos are. So basically, social casino games are free to play. No monetary transactions are involved. And these are interconnected with social network platforms like Facebook. Unlike the real casino demo games, social casinos are not programmed with a random number generator. They are structured according to the algorithm of enhancement of the player’s skills. The usual social casino games are poker, slot machines, and some table games.

Indeed, technology is converting gambling to more interactive gameplays that are closely related to the real world. Slot machines have impressive graphic designs. The marketing of casino games is all over social media. So if you happen to see them, you would definitely think to try.

Who Play and Where to Play Social Casinos?

Anyone can play social casinos. Based on research, there are 170 million gamers in 2014 globally. Social casino players have a wider community than gamblers. Social casino games are more accessible by young adults and women who love to spend their time on social media and some basic online games. You and your friends can play together without involving money. Meaning, there is an option for multiplayer and can be shared with others.

Developers look forward to bringing entertainment to a wider group of people. There are applications on the internet that are linked with various social platforms. Well, of course, people would always find mobile games a better framework. So, social casino games are made to be possible for both mobile and computer. You can download these through the following channels:

  • Google Play
  • App Store
  • Mobile Phone’s Browser
  • Facebook

What Are the Consequences of Playing Social Casinos With Facebook?

We all know that Facebook is the most-used social media site where everyone’s life events and posts are shared not only locally but also internationally. But, aside from the posting of thoughts, videos, and photos, there are also other features to make this community more interesting. One feature is the games that are not technically related to gambling. But why did Facebook extend its umbrella with these kinds of casino games while there are countries that do not allow it?

It is not totally bad to play social casinos with Facebook. Legally, there are no involved buying costs from the end-user. But in order to make the games legal, that would be up to the management of Facebook and the concerned casino operators. But, as long as the players are not going to slip money from their pockets to enjoy the offered games, that would be a good deal.

Facebook gives free coins to the players in order to experience the fun in the game. Just so you know, even if you keep asking for coins to gamble, you will never withdraw them nor cash out. But, don’t get it wrong. This is different from availing GGbet no deposit bonus to get free spins or rewards. Do not get too excited about the offered social casinos by Facebook that can be purchased. There are still promotions that are indirectly done by Facebook that when you buy this specific social casino game, a percentage is being paid to Facebook. But, again, there is no way for you to take your total earnings.

Facebook Lawsuit Status

Facebook was sued due to an alleged connection with the gambling business. Just in April this year, consumers filed a case with the US District Court for the Northern District of California. The reason was because of the “Las Vegas” experience that is constituted with the social casino games. Even Google and Apple were subjected to this same situation.

Should Facebook Promote Social Casinos?

Since there are countries that do not allow gambling, it is still up to the group of Metaverse if they will come up with remedies regarding advertisements of social casinos. Scam and fraudulence are highly sanctioned. But, of course, be wise enough to play the Facebook casino apps for fun alone.

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