How to Customize Your Braided Wig: Tips for Adding Your Own Style

For me and many other women who want to give our natural hair a break, braided wigs have become an increasingly popular protective style. Even though I love the look of the braids, I find myself wishing I could change the wig to better suit my style. It’s great to feel like your wig is a true representation of yourself! In this article I’ll go through my best tips for personalizing wigs and making them your own. You can transform a simple wig into a runway-worthy look that reflects your own style by changing the braiding pattern, adding cute accessories, or experimenting with a different color. For inspiration on how to artistically personalize your braided wig masterpiece, keep reading!

Choose your right wig

Choosing the right base is the first step in customizing a wig. Since loose braids are easier to work with and have a different look than pre-styled wigs, I prefer them. Another important factor is the length and density of the wig. More hair can be customized with a long, thick wig. For a smooth appearance, I like to match the texture and size of the braids to my natural hair. If you want room for several accessories, choose a wig with large braids. Consider using smaller peaks for minor customization. Additionally, pre-parted wigs make changing parts easy, and full lace wigs offer complete styling flexibility. Choosing the ideal base wig gives you the perfect canvas to start customizing.

Styling braids

Once you’ve chosen your base wig, the fun begins! There are endless options to rearrange these tops to suit your mood and mood. For variety, I like to separate the braids and re-braid small pieces. Pancaking the ends by gently separating them adds body and volume. You can sweep the braids to one side or part them in the middle for a new look. I also love wrapping the braids in topknots, messy updos and ponytails for a chic look. If you want to show curls at the bottom, just braid the top section and leave the hair at the nape of your neck. For a edgier look, shave one side of the wig into an undercut style while rocking the long tresses on top. Let your creativity run wild and have fun styling those locks in all kinds of fresh ways!

Adding accessories

The possibilities are endless when accessorizing your wig! Some of my favorite ways to add flair include weaving ribbon, wire or yarn directly through the braids. Shell mixed in hair clips, jewelry, beads and braids also look amazing. For a pop of color, braid with a shiny fabric or leather. Wrapping the braids with colored hair extensions allows you to experiment with highlights. You can also sew in thin hair chains or patches for a edgier look. Decorative combs and jeweled pins are useful for separating hair and creating new sections. With the right accessories, you can turn your wig into a true work of art!

Concerned color customization

By dyeing or bleaching your braided wig, you can completely change the color to match your style. Look for high-quality wigs available in fantasy shades like bold blues, greens and purples for easy color changes. You can also take a subtle approach by using semi-permanent dyes to give your braids a delicate pastel color. For temporary color I like to use hair chalk or spray paint. An ombre look with dark roots mixed in with lighter highlights is very on-trend. You can also hide pops of color under the top layer of braids for a fun secret detail. If you want to lighten your braids, consult a stylist to carefully bleach and tone the hair to avoid damage. The most important thing is to choose colors that complement your complexion. With the right wig, you can complete any colorful look your heart desires!

Care tips

Taking care of your custom braid wig will help it look great for as long as possible! Remember to gently detangle tangled hair in braids to prevent clumping and matting. I like to use a hydrating hair milk and moisturizing bread spray to condition my wig and reduce frizz. Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet while sleeping prevents tangles and preserves the definition of the braid. Avoid over-manipulating the hair by constantly restyling the braids, which can cause breakage. Depending on the quality, your custom wig can last 4-6 weeks before needing to be redone. Proper care will extend the life of your custom wig so you can keep your unique look for weeks!


Personalizing your braided wig by changing it opens up a world of creative options. You can turn a simple wig into a work of art by choosing the right base wig and length, rearranging the braids, adding cute accessories, and experimenting with color. The most important piece of advice is to allow the wig design to reflect your own style. Don’t hesitate to mix and match colors, patterns, and accessories until you find your ideal look. Your custom knotless braid wig will express your unique beauty and personality with proper styling and care. Use your imagination and use these ideas to show off your personal wig with pride!

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