10 Best Books for Beginner Readers

Do you want to try your hands at reading? While reading may be therapeutic, educational, and enjoyable, it is critical to select the correct book. But we’re here to inform you that you’ve just made the best decision of your life, and a whole new world awaits you!

  • The Alchemist

Several of you may have predicted that The Alchemist would be on this ranking. This gem is best described as a basic story with profound implications. Have you ever encountered the adage, “When you need anything, the entire world cooperates to help you get it?” It is one of the masterpiece’s most famous lines. The Alchemist is a narrative that will motivate you to pursue your aspirations and listen to your emotions, which we should all be doing! To top it all off, Paulo Coelho’s unique perspective and religion will be a liberating adventure. 

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

The author’s account of growing up with 2 fathers: his actual father (a Doctorate Scholar dubbed the poorer dad) and his closest friend’s dad (a businessman aka the rich dad). In the book, Robert T. Kiyosaki discusses how these guys influenced his beliefs on wealth, investment, and economics. 

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns 

The novel depicts military conflict areas of Kabul in the 1990s. In addition, the tale shows the tenacity of an Afghan lady who has had to bear it all for 3 decades. So, ultimately, Khaled is fed up with the fact that a girl should be jailed just because she is wedded in the Mideast. Also, he focuses on the issues encountered by women in the Middle East, demonstrating how tenacious they are and that a single individual can affect societal change. One of the greatest novels for first-time readers. Read this on 1337x if you are seeking to get into a reading habit. 

  • The Catcher in the Rye

Overall, “The Catcher in the Rye” is a well-defined young adult novel that continues to thrive even though it has already been out for a long time. Holden Caulfield’s part feels like that of an adolescent attempting to figure out his life and himself. “Real, irreverent, also against the institution and in confidence in the system, this narrative became a work that was devoured, adored, and viewed as almost unsatisfied by countless people throughout the world in the ensuing decades.” Holden is an untrustworthy narrator, yet he is open about his emotions—most readers will recognize this sensation.

  • The Outsiders

The Outsiders Book, penned by a 16-year-old S. E. Hinton, is another essential English book that describes the conflict of two neighbouring gangsters. The Greasers (labourers) and Socs (upper-middle class) brawl with growing ferocity until both sides are exhausted. Curtis Ponyboy, one of the greasers and his 2 older siblings, is the story’s hero in The Outsiders Book. The outsider’s book exposes the world of broken homes and how things may spiral out of control quickly.

  • Harry Potter illustrated book

What began as a kid’s story blossomed into a narrative that touched people’s hearts all across the world. The graphic Harry Potter novels make the realm of witches and magic approachable to even young children. The enchanting world of the Harry Potter books encourages children to establish strong reading habits throughout time! If you can see magic potions, floating keys, and vicious three-headed canines named Fluffy, it’s much simpler to grasp them. Harry Potter illustrated novels provide a feeling of wonder and teach children to envision themselves in a magical world.

  • The House on Mango Street 

As a 12-year-old girl living in Chicago, Esperanza Cordero’s narrative is one of grief and forgiveness. The House on Mango Street addresses complex domestic abuse, sexism, racism, and inappropriate touching that girls like Esperanza encounter daily. Furthermore, The House on Mango Street is regarded as one of the most significant simple readings for novices, particularly young people.

  • Chicken soup for the soul books

These are anthologies of short tales collected and published in regular editions. The narratives are robust and ideal for casual reading regularly. Chicken soup for the soul novels will assist you in establishing a common desire for a great piece, and they will bring forth fascinating stories from ordinary, daily lives. Because the writing is light, it is among the most excellent recommended reading for novices.

  • Diary of a young girl 

In her diary, a young Anne Frank recalls the difficulties she and her family experience as they attempt to flee Nazi Germany’s totalitarian rule. The journal covers two years of life at “The hidden annex,” from thirteen to 15 when it was uncovered.

The journal is famous for its honesty and the naïve viewpoint of a little Jewish girl who only wishes to live a regular life. This is a terrific place to start if you want to broaden your horizons and experience the world through new eyes.

  • Sita: An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana

This book stands out for its capacity to warm the reader up to a significant detour in the Ramayana, a narrative that we are all familiar with. This book takes you through all the Ramayana trips from the perspective of Sita, but it will be Sita giving her interpretation of events. From a devoted wife who accompanies her spouse into the jungle to a mom raising her boys alone, this narrative will bring Sita to life for you and increase your admiration for her.


These books will transport you to another universe, providing you with an excellent opportunity to study, experience, and discover something new. Choose a book (or more) and begin your road to becoming an ardent reader!

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