Become Professional Player In Rummy Game By Knowing These Strategy

Card games are quite fascinating to play if you know their rules. Out of many card games, Rummy is quite a popular one. For centuries, people played the traditional form of Rummy. But in the last few years, this game has made its mark in the online gaming world as well. Online rummy cash games combine elements of fun, skill and rewards. And how you will get those rewards? Simple, you need to play Rummy games and win in every game to get real cash prizes. However, it is not that simple. To ace a Rummy game, you must use some strategies. As the game is all about tactics. Thus, this article will offer all those strategies or tactics that you can use to become a pro Rummy player (if you are just an amateur). So, without further ado, let’s learn each strategy.  

Select a game that is right for you

There are three different Rummy formats available in the market: practice play, games involving money and tournaments. Newbie players often start right away with cash games or big Rummy tournaments. Since Rummy is a game of skills, players must have a decent knowledge of the game. Also, they need to remember all the basic rules of Rummy. And as a beginner, a player should start with the practice games. GetMega is a trusted online gaming platform that features different modes of this game, making it easy for amateurs to learn the nitty-gritty of the game. Once these new players are thorough with the rules, they will be confident to play the big games say cash games or tournaments. 

See what your competitors are up to

A very useful strategy in online Rummy is to observe your rival’s moves. See what cards they are taking from the discard stack. For instance, if you see a player taking 5♥️ from the discard stack, don’t provide any connecting card from the same suit or 5 of another suit. Like this, you can stop your rival from winning. But, if you don’t follow their moves, you might end up giving the card they need and ultimately you lose the game. 

Make pure sequences 

To make pure sequences, players need to arrange 3 or additional cards of similar suits in consecutive order. As a Rummy player, you can only declare a legitimate combination. A pure sequence is a key to winning the game. So, if you are determined to earn huge rewards, you must make one pure sequence at least. Only after making one pure sequence, start focusing on forming other combinations like sets and impure sequences. 

Retain the middle cards

The 5s, 4s, 7s, and 6s are called middle cards. Each of these cards’ values equals that of their faces. Hence, if you get 6♣ as an unarranged one then the opponent will be declared the winner and you get 6 points. You can arrange middle cards in impure and pure sequences. For example, 6s and 7s can form sequences with 4s, 5s and 8s. 

Get rid of the cards that have a high value

In the Indian version of Rummy, aces, 10s and face cards are high-value cards. The high-value cards have ten points. High cards higher your chances of losing the game by adding penalty points. So, if you are having high cards and after 3 or 4 turns, you are unable to arrange them, discard those cards. Professional players get rid of these cards within 2 or 3 turns. But, if you have high cards in a sequential pattern, then wait for the moment to discard the card. 

Utilise the joker card wisely

Joker cards can be a deciding factor in the Indian Rummy. There are cases, where you needed an extra card to form a set or sequence. To complete that set, joker cards are used. They can be used as a replacement for your desired card. As mentioned earlier, in Rummy, the person with the lowest penalty points becomes the winner. And since joker cards have zero points, they can be a great way to win the game if used properly in the game. 

If necessary, drop out of the game

When you know you cannot win the game, dropping out of the game is a smart strategy. If you don’t get good cards with which you can form sets or sequences, it’s better if you come out of the game. Also, when you are playing cash games and you get bad cards, drop the game before you end up losing a huge amount of money. Rummy is a game and it should be taken in a fun spirit. So, when you see the cards are not in your favour, just drop them. 


Hopefully, the above-mentioned strategies will help you become an amateur player to a professional Rummy player. And if you want to play practice games to hone your skills, visit the GetMega website and download the app now! 


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