Why do you need the nearest cell tower to boost a mobile signal?

A bad network is something less than ideal, especially in this fast-paced and mobile device-driven world. A myriad of things are typically pointed to as bad signal issues. And one of the main causes of bad connection is a long distance between devices and the nearest cell tower according to UCtel. Fortunately, that’s something that can be solved by searching for said tower, and this makes money wonder how to do that.

If you’re wondering how to go about the main issues, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we are going to look at. Let’s get into a quick guide on how to find the nearest cell tower and also go over main causes of a bad mobile signal and see how the issues could be solved.

How to get a better connection with the cell towers

The answer to the above question is simple: to get better network service. Having a great distance between a device and the nearest cell tower causes faulty mobile service. Other causes of this problem include the following:

  • Poor weather which may include heavy rain, cloud cover, snow and strong winds
  • The topography of the area includes mountains and trees that act as barriers
  • Other barriers such as other buildings as well as the composition of a building which includes steel, concrete and insulation
  • A problematic device may have issues due to incorrect settings

The problem in question is a nuisance, especially in today’s world where access to information in real-time is vital. Actually, even a faulty device which hasn’t the proper settings or lacks compatibility with the tower’s network type could be the main reason for a weak connection. When the causes of these issues are addressed, the chances of faulty internet, choppy calls, and other similar issues are greatly reduced.

Seeking towers out, however, differs from the other solutions because it’s more of a preventative action. In locating the nearest cell tower, setting up a residence or business space is simplified. If it’s for business, such a location is highly advantageous because things like remote conferences as well as business calls can go off without a hitch.

How to find the tower

With you now being aware of how beneficial finding the closest towers is, we can get a look at how it’s done. In existence are several ways one can employ to do this and these are as follows:

1. Using the device’s capabilities

A chief indicator of quality signal and the closeness towers would be the mobile devices, or specifically, the bars displayed on screens. They, however, aren’t exact, especially because different networks’ bars don’t represent the same dBm. In any case, the network providers’ reading will always be consistent to them and this can be leveraged to find the nearest tower.

This also varies between types of devices, with an Android device having a place called signal strength where this can be checked. IOS devices don’t have this and instead require a specific code which should be dialed to find out signal strength. Some carriers aren’t compatible with the service, which means that dialing the code won’t work.

2. Contacting providers

When you’re in any place, it’s wise to scope it out to find the best signal. When searching for towers, a good way of going about it is simply asking network providers about where these optimal places are. Some network providers will make this more convenient for you by having maps pointing to these locations near their sites.

3. Using specific maps

There are numerous sites that use maps specifically designed to find the towers. Notable ones could be used by both Europeans and Americans. With billions of smartphone users alone experiencing unclear calls and slow internet at one point or another, finding the nearest cell tower by map is the precise solution.

Using this tool requires that you enter the general area and network after which your location is entered. The result of this will be a map displaying how strong the network is in the designated area. Similar maps are out there, each of them operating similarly, but with some differences and these include something like Public.tableau.com, which is completely UK-based.

4. Using quality applications and services

A look around the web will also reveal numerous apps doing what the sites listed above do. In their case, network providers have applications that show clients maps of the chosen location, in which towers closest to you can be observed. This will also include any relevant information regarding network availability, strength, and type.

These apps vary, but it’s best to seek out an app that’s about as all-encompassing as possible, especially regarding network information. In addition to this, their being user-friendly and having navigation elements figured out is quite helpful.

Other ways of sorting out bad network issues

While proximity to towers may be helpful, it won’t always succeed, especially if things like impossible weather and surrounding obstacles play a role. In such situations, the best thing one can do is acquire a signal booster unit and have it installed. Boosters are composed of exterior and interior antennas with an amplifier between them.

The exterior antenna is placed on the high point of a building, outside, and it captures all available signals, however weak. This signal is then sent, via coaxial cable, to the amplifier, which strengthens the signal and transmits it to the interior antenna inside. This antenna spreads the strengthened signal throughout a space.

This particular apparatus is so useful because it’s so versatile and can fit around any place and plane. This can only be if a partner with technical experience and expertise is found.

Final thoughts

It’s fair to say that faulty signals are an annoyance, especially if one is part of the business field. Finding the closest cell tower is the solution to most problems. The most efficient methods of finding towers are the options listed in the above piece and with them in hand, the issue of poor network is only partially curbed.

While being close to a tower is incredibly helpful, it won’t cover all bases. The one thing that might be is the mobile signal boosters coupled, which when coupled with a competent installer, will be even more of an aid.

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