What Be Will Online Slot Graphics Like in the Next Ten Years?

Most of the graphics you will see in the next ten years are 3D or even better. It is not foolish to think that slots will even look real or real beyond 3D graphics. Why? Because online casinos like the Spincity are working towards virtual reality.

Today, we will attempt to visualize what online machine graphics would look like ten years from now. It all started with the arrival of HTML 5. We will look not just into the graphics but also into the other aspects of slot machines.

PC-Quality Graphics

Slot machine developers today use 3D and 2D elements to bring games to life. What’s missing is the realistic animation that we often see in the cinematics of computer games.

The reason behind this is the cost. It is expensive to build 3D properties, and it is not financially practical for slot game developers to do it.

In PC games, there are mini-movies that tell us a story. These mini-movies are breathtaking. While some slot developers have done something similar, the graphics are way too far compared to triple-A games.

After ten years, both labour and technology would be cheaper. As such, we can expect better graphics in slot machines, both in their mini-movies and their gameplay.

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Advanced Animations in Slots

The animations in slots today are simplistic. The symbols just pop, burst, or move in many directions. At the very least, the animations are rudimentary.

Today, game developers are not making an effort to improve slot animations. Even if they do, they take it so slowly because there is no demand from the customer to see all these animations.

In the future, the demand for gamers will change. Because of the proliferation of games on mobile devices, customers will begin to expect slot machine developers to give them better animations to make the games more exciting.

Now, one thing we can expect is animation based on Artificial Intelligence. It is the AI algorithm that decides how the animations will move.

There are some slot games today where the main character has movements, like Gonzo’s Quest. However, these movements are still crude and need more elements to make them closer to what gamers experience in the PC gaming world.

Virtual Reality

Many technology companies today are working so hard to advance the next generation of virtual reality. Although there are many games that we can play with a pair of VR goggles, it seems like the casino industry has lagged behind.

Ten years from now, slot machines will be commonplace in VR goggles and ecosystems. What makes the slots different, based on our prediction, is that companies will build real, 3D, and virtual casinos.

Imagine wearing a pair of 3D goggles and standing at the door of the casino. As a player, you have controls to move your characters inside. As you move along, you will find games, and then you can operate the games.

The best thing that can happen to VR is when developers can finally merge real, land-based casinos with online gaming. Today, the closest that we have is a live dealer casino. These casinos operate physically, but you can only lay online.

As such, you can see the person, a real one, from your monitor, and you are streaming live. In the future, perhaps your VR google can allow you to “walk” inside the casino and play the games of your choice.

8K Display

Today, the most commonly accessible display type is 4K, and not a lot of game developers offer this resolution for their slot machines. The reason being is that a 4K screen is not something that most phone and PC owners have.

Ten years later, however, it is not farfetched to think that slot machines will render graphics in 4K as a minimum standard. Not only that, but slot machines will be in 8K, too.

If this happens, then we can say that the slot machines have really gone a long way, not only in terms of gameplay but the graphics. As we know, game graphics play a huge part in the experience of people.


The slot machine has been around for over a hundred years. Being a game of chance, it remains one of the most used gambling instruments in the world. It is easy to understand, and the payouts are amazing.

Because of its popularity, there has to be a way to innovate the slot machine. Today, we not only have 5-reel slots, but we also have Megaways and those that offer more than 1,000 paylines.

There are 3D slots now where you can interact with some characters. In the future, it wouldn’t be so surprising if we get to see a slot that is set in virtual reality.

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