Top 5 Indian Cricket All-Rounders To Date: An Impressive List

In recent years, the phrase “Indian All-Rounder” has mostly fallen out of use in the sport of cricket. Finding an Indian player who is skilled at all three aspects of the game — batting, bowling, and fielding — is comparable to looking for a diamond in a mine full of coal, regardless of the size of the mine. Get the latest cricket news for today and be updated.

Throughout the early part of the twentieth century, Indian players frequently made use of the term “all-rounder.” However, they possessed a certain degree of adaptability in either the batting or bowling departments.

A select few players enjoyed greater levels of success when batting as well as when bowling. They either specialized in bowling or batting, depending on whatever mode of the game they enjoyed more: batting or bowling.

  • Irfan Pathan –

Irfan Pathan is one of the most recognizable figures in Indian cricket. He is the younger brother of Yusuf Pathan, who is known for his success in the sport. He made his debut for India on the international stage considerably earlier than Yusuf did. His hat-trick against Pakistan in the Multan Test will be something that followers of Indian cricket will never forget.

At the beginning of his career, he was a left-arm medium-fast bowler, but he quickly became known for his ability to take wickets. As a baseball player, he was known for the force with which he approached the plate.

However, due to a variety of diseases, he was unable to bowl as well as he once did, which finally led to his dismissal from the squad. Despite this, his total numbers continue to be quite impressive.

In 29 Tests, he has amassed a total of 1105 runs and taken a total of 100 wickets, for an average of 31.89 runs and 32.86 wickets per game, respectively. Additionally, it incorporates an additional 150 years and a century. He played in 120 one-day internationals and had a total of 1544 runs scored, and 173 wickets taken, averaging 23.39 and 29.01 respectively.

  • Ravi Shastri –

This includes the coach of the Indian cricket team at present. In the game of limited overs cricket, it is safe to say that Shastri was the first modern all-rounder. He combined strength in the middle order with precision left-arm bowling. Sharma played for India in 150 One-Day Internationals and finished with 3109 runs scored and 129 wickets taken.

However, his performance in test matches was nothing short of spectacular. He has played in 80 tests and has a total of 11 hundred and 12 half-centuries, with a batting average of 35.79. In addition to this, he bowled slow left-arm orthodox delivery during these matches, which led to the capture of 151 key wickets.

In addition, he has a Test double-hundred, which he scored against Australia in Sydney. This is one of his accomplishments in the game. As a result of his performance in a first-class match in 1985, in which he hit six sixes in one over, he became famed for his ability to hit sixes.

  •  Ravichandran Ashwin –

Due to the outstanding batting skill that he possesses, the majority of people are aware that Ravichandran Ashwin is much more than just a bowler. He took 284 wickets throughout 51 matches. More than two thousand innings is a remarkable achievement for a batsman who has spent the majority of his Test career batting either seventh or eighth in the order of appearance.

In addition to this, he eclipsed Richard Hadlee, Ian Botham, and Imran Khan in the current series against Sri Lanka to become the quickest player to reach 2,000 runs and capture 250 wickets in Tests.

  • Vinoo Mankad –

Vinoo Mankad, who bats right-handed and is known as a swashbuckler, is flexible and can bat anywhere in the order, even first. As a left-handed orthodox spinner with quick reflexes and excellent close-in fielding, he was also extremely successful.

After making his Test debut against England in 1946, he went on to play a total of 44 Tests, during which he amassed a total of 2109 runs and became the player with the most wickets in the annals of Test history with 162 dismissals. The five centuries and seven half-centuries that he has scored are certainly the high points of his batting record.

He scored 231 runs against New Zealand in Madras in 1956, which is considered to be one of the best innings ever played by an Indian all-rounder. During that innings, he and Pankaj Roy had an opening partnership that broke the record with 413 runs. This record was held for 52 years until it was broken by Graeme Smith and Neil McKenzie.

There have only been a few Indian batsmen who have achieved the feat of scoring a century and taking five wickets in the same test innings. For a considerable amount of time, he was the holder of the record for the most wickets taken in a series with 34, and he twice had match statistics of more than 10 wickets.

  • Kapil Dev –

Kapil Dev is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatest player to ever come out of India. As a result of his enormous seam bowling and aggressive batting, which were both ahead of their time, he was regarded as a formidable opponent in the world of cricketWhen he was the captain of the Indian side that won the World Cup for the first time in 1983, he became a household name in Indian cricket.

He took part in 131 one-day internationals and 225 one-day internationals for a combined total of 225 matches across all formats. He played in 225 one-day internationals. His career totals included 9031 runs scored in international competition and 687 wickets taken when he decided to hang up his bat.

The 175 not out that he made against Zimbabwe in the World Cup in 1983 is still considered to be the best innings ever played by an Indian batsman in the history of the World Cup. There has never been another player in the history of Test cricket who has ever racked up more runs or wickets in a single season than he has. He was awarded “Wisden Indian Cricketer of the Century” for his achievements in the sport.




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