The Top 5 Entertainment Gems you Can Find Online

We are living in a digital world, of that there is no doubt and many people use the web for entertainment purposes. More and more people are moving away from TV channels, as the same shows are repeated over and over and the Internet is now taking over as the number one destination for all kinds of entertainment.

Here are some of the ways that people find their entertainment on the World Wide Web.

  1. YouTube – Easily the biggest entertainment sector online, YouTube hosts documentaries, podcasts and popular channels by a wide range of YouTubers. Every man and his dog has a long YouTube subscription account and you could spend the rest of your life watching YouTube and still not see all the content. There are tens of thousands of YouTubers with channels covering many topics, when a user subscribes to the channel, they get notifies when new content is published.
  2. Online casinos – If you have yet to experience online slot machines, you should find a reputable online casino, register and play the slots; there are huge life-changing prizes, all you need to do is be in the right place at the right time. There are many casino games that you can play online; roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat, plus the latest generation of online slots are also very popular.
  3. Netflix – The number one movie streaming platform, Netflix offers a huge library of top films and documentaries and for a small monthly subscription, you can stream on multiple devices, making it ideal for families. If you love nothing more than binge-watching series, this is the place for you; they have all the top series and you can watch one episode after another, which is perfect for the holidays. 
  4. Spotify – This is the platform where you will find Joe Rogan, the number one podcast on the planet, plus you can listen to your favourite tunes, as there are many artists that have their work on this platform. If you are a music lover, this is the platform for you; create your very own playlists with all your favourite tunes. If you have a Spotify store, here are a few tips to boost conversion.
  5. Online gaming – First person shooter games sit at the top of the tree, while FIFA soccer is also played worldwide; whatever your gaming preference, it is somewhere on the web and real-time play is possible with Broadband. You can come home after a hard day, boot up your PC, put on your headset and immerse yourself in an exciting virtual world. You can even make new friends and chat in real time during the game and when the IoT is launched, this will revolutionise gaming.

The Internet has it all and if it isn’t a huge part of your life, it soon will be. The smarthome will be managed by AI and you can remotely turn on the climate control and have the oven cook the meal, plus you will have voice control, which is perfect.

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