A morning routine sets the course for a good day: consciously designed, it ensures more concentration, energy and cheerfulness. This works even if you only have a little time to enjoy big bamboo slot.

Your alarm clock has just rung for the tenth time, and because you really can’t spare another five minutes, you grope sleepily toward the shower, quickly make yourself a coffee, and catch the next subway just in time with your coffee-to-go cup in hand. And even though you’ve had enough sleep, you drag yourself through the day, doing a little bit of everything, but not really getting anything done.


The most important meal of the day

Make time for a healthy, hearty breakfast – even its preparation can be a conscious part of your morning routine. This can be a delicious muesli with seasonal fruit or wholemeal bread with a vegan spread. Accompanied by tea, juice or freshly ground coffee.

Seek silence

Try to take at least five minutes to practice mindfulness, meditate, do yoga exercises or just observe your thoughts. This will help you raise your awareness of the day ahead.

Take time for your morning routine

For many people, exercise helps them start the day fit. Twenty minutes of yoga, jogging or a few stretching exercises are enough. You can find lots of inspiration for this on YouTube.

Instead, you can also consciously take half an hour for the things that otherwise come up short. For example, read an inspiring book or a newspaper article. You can also write down your focus for the day or three things you are grateful for.

Light wakes you up

Our body can do a lot of things: for example, recognize when it’s day and night – if it weren’t for curtains, shutters, lamps and screens. In the dark, the sleep hormone melatonin is released, which makes us tired. Therefore, open all curtains and blinds immediately after getting up and let light into the room. If it is still dark outside in the morning, a daylight lamp** or a light alarm clock** can help.

Create a beautiful environment for your morning routine.

For many people, their immediate environment affects their inner life. Therefore, make sure your sleeping environment is tidy and you feel comfortable in it. This will calm you down during your morning routine and you will avoid stimuli and thoughts that revolve around tidying up.

Before you eat anything: Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth before you eat or drink anything. According to the traditional Indian healing method Ayurveda, the body rids itself of toxins overnight, which it removes through the mouth. If you reach for the coffee pot right after getting up, you will rinse these toxins directly back into the body.

Drink water

Wait about half an hour after brushing your teeth and then drink a large glass of lukewarm water. After six to eight hours of sleep, your body becomes dehydrated and needs replenishment. A good portion of water will make your body alert and fit.

Stay offline during your morning routine

The first thing you reach for in the morning is often your smartphone. However, it makes more sense to leave your cell phone, laptop or TV to the left for the time being. After all, your morning routine should be all about you, so Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and the like tend to distract you. It helps to switch on your cell phone’s flight mode in the evening or simply turn it off completely.

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