The Lifespan of Earbud Wireless Gadget

Each earbud has its own specification, on which its lifespan depends. Most of them are not able to bear the rough and tough usage and ultimately do not work so far. 

You may have one or going to buy one, but you should be aware of some aspects of the earbuds’ lifespan. 

Before buying this gadget, you should keep the lifespan of the wireless earbuds in mind.

Average time 

You may experience that the average life of a general earbud is six months or one year. This span depends upon the product quality and the brand as well. Generally, you have to change the earbud wireless gadget when it sounds distorted.


To extend the lifespan and accurate performance, there are certain factors that you should take care of. You can have an idea about what factors you should keep in mind for better utilization of this gadget.


Your wireless earbuds are not hardy or robust devices that they’ll not get destroyed. Eventually, the performance of your earbuds will slow down, and ultimately the replacement time will come. So you cannot say that at a specific time, they won’t be disrupted.

What is the time of replacement?

When you hear distortion at a high volume, you should notice the error. It may occur due to disruption in the inner working of the earbuds. Well, you should consider the replacement option as its the only solution 


If the crackling noise appears when you wiggle the earbuds, unfortunately, it’s time to get rid of these earbuds. The internal disruption is beyond repair, so you have to say goodbye to your precious gadget.

Soundcore: A good option 

For better quality and life span of your earbuds, you should choose soundcore earphones. These headphones provide almost complete noise cancellation and own incredible battery life. 

Have a look at the spectacular aspects of the soundcore earphones. You’ll be most likely convinced:

  • Pocket friendly 

This easy to handle, the hassle-free earphone will fit perfectly into your bag or pocket.TI comes in five eye-catchy colours, which are quite incredible. 

The spectacular, ultra-compact case comes along with the earphones. The case has the capacity to charge the earphones.

Another aspect of these earphones is that you can automatically connect to your phone when you remove the earphones from it.

  • Multiple modes switching 

To use this feature, you have to download the sound core application on your phone. You can customize the volume of voice according to your environment. There are modes such as transport, indoor and outdoor. You can switch from one to the other effortlessly.

  • Water and sweat protection 

The earphones comprise protection against water interaction. Moreover, the sweatproof technology makes it more appropriate for workouts and training. Specific sweat guard technology provides you with uninterrupted hours to listen to noise-free music.


The special sealing and coating protect the earbuds from sweat drops. The coating of the earbuds is exclusively water-resistant and saves it from water in rain or sweat. 

Get Your favourite earphone at home 

For the detail of each product of Soundcore, download the application of sound core on your smartphone. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. 


The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.


 The affordable prices of almost all of the earphones in each series will fit into your budget. Check out the website and order the earphone that fits best into your budget, and you’ll get them without compromising the quality features.



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