The Best Way to Cool Your Space

Heat is hard on all humans, but since we are warm-blooded, we overcome extreme situations like summer and winter. Heat increases dehydration in humans, and it goes a long way in disrupting productivity. The shocking truth is that it can cause sleep deprivation, and when humans lack rest, it could lead to health challenges.

Now that you’ve known the challenges of staying or working in a warm space, what are the best ways of cooling your space to boost your productivity and stop hindering sleep?

The Best Ways To Cool Your Space

Get an Air Conditioner

It is evident that the best way to cool your space is to get an air conditioner which could be any type of the standard air conditioners we have; the central air conditioner, ductless mini-split air conditioner, window air conditioner, floor mounted air conditioner, geothermal air conditioner, portable air conditioner, hybrid air conditioner, or smart air conditioner.

Getting an air conditioner narrows down to the size of your pocket, the cooling power of the air conditioner, the space requirement, cost of maintenance, and energy consumption which is the main focus point as it affects your monthly budget.

Cooling your space with an air conditioner works with the refrigerant present in all air conditioning systems. Most ACs consist of two units; the outdoor unit, which is the condenser and compressor, while the indoor unit is the system that is present on the wall, on the floor and contains air blowers.

Some air conditioners like the central air conditioners and smart air conditioners can be programmed just like HVAC supplies that can be scheduled to the preferred choice of air intensity, when to work and when not to, and whether to cool the room or heat the room.

Cooling your space with air conditioners might be your goal, but what if you lack the means to afford one or lack the means to pay electricity bills, as most air conditioners consume energy. Also, most people consider the environmental impact of air conditioners as burning fossil fuels.

So, when you are at a still point like this, how do you cool your space?

Consider Closing Your Curtains During The Day

For many that might notice it with the land and sea breeze model, during the day, the temperature of land is always high due to the presence of the sun. To cool your space during this period, close your windows using a dark curtain to prevent sun rays from entering the room.

This will help reduce the heat that will be radiated into the room during the day. Also, when the sun is down, the curtains should be raised to allow cool air to flow in and expel warm air into the outer-space.

Place Ice or Cool Water In Front of The Fan

Another tip for cooling your space in the absence of an air conditioner is to place ice or cool water in front of your fan. This helps to circulate cool air from the ice or cool water all around the space. When using the method, endeavor to close all doors and windows to trap the cool from escaping.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fan

The type of air the ceiling fan produces in the room depends on the movement of the blades, it could be cool air with the warm air traveling upward, and it could be warm air with the cool air traveling upward.

So, in the absence of an air conditioner, you can adjust your ceiling fan according to the weather; for summer, you can set it to rotate anti-clockwise during summer to supply cool air and clockwise during winter to supply warm air.


The effect of heat on humans can be disastrous if not addressed quickly; it increases the level of dehydration which can be harmful to the kidney, and also deprives humans of sleep, which is unhealthy for productivity.

Cooling your space definitely has to be with specially made equipment manufactured for that reason which is an air conditioner, but in case such individual can’t afford an air conditioner, summer tips such as adjusting the settings of ceiling fans, placing ice in front fan, and closing the curtain during the day and raising it at night can be applied.

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