Speaker boom by Soundcore: A glimpse of perfection

Soundcore makes sure that its consumers get fast and free shipping, thirty days guarantee of money, eighteen months of hassle-free free warranty and the best customer service.

 Here, the functions and specifications of the Soundcore 3 speaker boom are below.

  • Drivers 

With a 100% titanium diaphragm that is able to extend treble to 40 kHz, Soundcore 3 speakers are quite exclusive. 

You may experience the best ever sound quality and connectivity. With the minimum distortion and maximum audio experience,  it will make your party memorable.

  • Enhanced bass

The passive radiators of the Soundcore 3 speaker provide the ultimate audio experience. The bassUp technology of the Soundcore 3 speaker works in tandem that boosts the bass in real-time, even when you turn the volume low.

  • Playtime  

It can provide you best audio quality for 24 hours after one charge. You can go for multiple parties on the whole, along with this spectacular gadget. 

It does not require setting cables to turn on or off. You simply have to press the button and set the music on your smartphone.

  •  Party cast technology 

You can connect more than a hundred speakers with party cast technology. This technology enables you to synchronize through a single device and runs music on all of them. Customizable features for most of the speakers provide a hassle-free experience.


Sound Core Bluetooth speakers are the best choice for parties. They give you an unforgettable experience with mesmerizing audio and ambient visuals with LED lights. 

All these products being waterproof make themselves perfect for any kind of party. So get the party going, with the best of our products. 


With IPX7 water protection, boom speakers are at another level. With full protection against water, you are allowed to place the speaker in the pool as it floats on the water. 

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

The wireless connection with your makes these speakers better. You can connect to two smartphones with it and play the perfect mix-up of playlists from both phones. Perfect switching and accurate connectivity are quite attractive aspects of these speakers by soundscore.


With these products by SoundCore, you do not need to worry about the atmosphere at your party. 


These speakers will take your party to a whole new level. You can enjoy the party without worrying about your speakers’ safety. The best part is, you’ll get all these advantages at a budget-friendly price.

Order online 

Check out the official website of the soundscore to get affordable gadgets that fit into your budget. 

Get your favourite ones at home with the best shipping time and customer service. Install the application of sound ire to customize the features of the speakers. You can handle most of the functions on your phone.


The modern technology-based audio, tailored specifically for you, will have you in awe. These are the best products you can get at these low-mid level prices. 

Once you start using them, these products will become a part of your daily life in no time 


Add the Soundcore application to your phone 

Download the application of soundscore for customization of features of the speaker. It also provides the facility of switching between different modes according to your environment. 


You can play, change and mix up songs from more than one phone. For a perfect family party, you just have to set up your phone with the speaker, and it will make the most balanced sound for a joyful party.


You can customize the sound as well as preset EQ modes of soundcore 3 through the application of soundcore. You can also create your own setting for these features. This compact, easy to carry and handle speaker fit into your car and budget. 

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