Some Of The Most Famous Poems About Gambling

Poetry: The Tried and True Method of Self Expression

When it comes down to the many ways in which one can express themselves, the comings and goings of their mental states and psyche’s poetry has been one of the top ways for generations. There have been thousands of great poets over the years who have graced our eyes with their wordplay, unique styles of writing and overall themes.

From T.S Elliot, to Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes there has been no shortage to their influence, as well as the influence of other poets has been felt all around the world, with people still releasing poetry to this day, from all around the world, from the U.S, the UK and even the Middle East being extremely prominent within the poetry sphere.

Poets may choose to speak about a multitude of topics, with Heaney for example speaking about the troubled socio-political spectrum within Ireland, or T.S Elliot lamenting about the notion of human history and how time and mortality may affect them. Within this article, I will be going over the notion of poetry in regards to gambling, and highlighting some poems which focus on the topic of gambling, for anyone looking to read about this notion.

Gambling is a well known pastime, one where you can find Slots you can play for 1 cent easily online. Due to this, some contemporary writers, as well as those of the past have written heavily on the subject.

Roulette – Robert William Service

Robert William Service was one of the most famous poets to come out of Canada in the early part of the twentieth century. He was recognised mostly for his clever wordplay and extensive history of poetry. Robert William Service wrote his first poem when he was only six years old. One of these poems is titled “roulette,” and it does an excellent job of highlighting the concept of gambling. It tells the story of a protagonist who worries that she will lose all of her money in a game of roulette, and she considers ending her life as a result of this fear. However, she decides against making such a risky bet and instead chooses to move on with her life.

The poem focuses on a lot of different issues throughout its whole, such as the subject of gambling addiction, the theme of money, and the theme of managing such money. These are all themes that ring true to this day in relation to the concept of gambling.

This is a cautionary story about the darker side of gambling and how it may cause a player to lose their hard-earned money if the game is played irresponsibly.

The Gambler – L.G Mace

The Gambler is an up-to-the-minute examination of the gambling industry that alludes to the genre’s formative, wild-west years. Within the environment of this poem, Men are seen congregating in saloons to play cards and drink whiskey.

She then describes a gambler who stayed up all night long playing poker. The patrons of the tavern congregate around his table, as described in the poem. They’re all feeling the tension and adrenaline of the game to the same degree. Eventually, it becomes clear that there has been some kind of wrongdoing.

The poem concludes with the lesson that dishonesty in play is a bad idea, focusing on themes of dishonesty and treachery within the sphere of gambling, another theme which is quite prevalent within the overall world of gambling.

A Few Final Thoughts

Poetry has always existed with the goal of conveying both theme and emotion to the person reading it, acting as a gateway between the thoughts and ideas of the poet and the thoughts and ideas of the person reading said poetry, and what these two poems manage to achieve is a couple of monumentally emotional stories which give differing viewpoints of the darker sides of gambling, with Roulette showing how games of chance may not go someone’s way, and with The gambler showing us that dishonesty is nigh unavoidable in the gambling world. Of course, it’s not all like that, with gambling being highly regulated nowadays, but they are still great cautionary tales overall.

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