Why Reverse Osmosis Systems Are the Right Solution for Your Commercial Business

When you’re a business owner, you know numerous factors go into making your company operational to get your product into consumers’ hands. There are several things that you must do in order to ensure your employees and customers are safe onsite. This is especially important concerning drinking water.

1. What Is RO?

Let’s start with the O in RO, which stands for reverse osmosis. Osmosis is the basis of the RO process where water is diluted via its movement through a semipermeable membrane within the filtration system. This is done in order to even out the concentrations of its solution. 

Reverse osmosis or RO is a process by which water is filtered through a membrane. Any contaminants in the water will be strained through the membrane leaving the unwanted chemicals and debris behind and resulting in clean, drinkable water.

2. How Do You Decide Which RO System Is Right for Your Business Needs?

High-quality reverse osmosis commercial systems are designed to handle large volumes of water to ensure the proper purification of water in your facility. Once you understand the benefits of an RO system, you’ll have a decision to make regarding which system is best suited for commercial use and your specific business needs.  

Here are six options, all utilizing advanced technologies, from which you can choose.

  1. RO-Com System – The Compact Reverse Osmosis Commercial System includes three output options. Its big draw is a minimal footprint, which includes a system pressure gauge, rotary vane pump, standard pressure switch, and pre-filter gauges. 
  2. RO-Lite System – The Light Reverse Osmosis Commercial System has three output levels you can select from and is ideal for those connected to the municipal water supply. This selection does not use electricity as it is run by water pressure and is quiet by design.
  3. RO-Pro System – The Pro Reverse Osmosis Commercial System boasts six different output levels. This model includes an electrical On/Off fused safety switch, stainless steel multi-stage pump, low-flow feed water protection, and dual-level float switch with a tank adapter, for heavy-grade commercial needs. All of this is on a frame mount.
  4. RO-Plus System – The Plus Reverse Osmosis Commercial System also has three different outputs. It’s a heavy commercial-grade option for larger establishments. This model is composed of filters, a rotary vane pump, a tank pressure switch, fixed stainless steel recycle and waste control valves, and tank pressure gauges. All of these components are supported by a powder-coated steel frame.
  5. RO-WHS System – The Whole House Reverse Osmosis System includes an atmospheric tank and three output levels. This model has pre-plumbed and pre-wired components and an array of high-quality features.
  6. RO-Logic System – The Logic Controlled Reverse Osmosis Commercial System has six output levels and a wide range of professional options. Some options include a low-pressure bypass delay, a real-time monitoring system, and high-end controls.

After conducting research, the best way to determine which unit will serve your company efficiently and effectively is to consult with experts in the field. As they will be the ones installing the RO system, they can advise you on the best option for your facility and needs.

3. What Types of Businesses Use RO Onsite?

All companies can incorporate an RO system into their building to reduce contaminants and sediment in the water supply. Some businesses that use ROs include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Schools and Childcare Providers
  • Research Facilities

This list is not all-encompassing. Any business entity that requires refined and safe water for drinking or as part of its manufacturing process will benefit from installing an RO system. The difference in water quality will be measurable.

One of the most important things you can do as the head of the company is to provide safe and clean water. If the question of how to do that on a commercial scale was daunting before, you needn’t worry as you now have a proactive solution to your problem through RO technology. Knowing more about what RO is and what it can do for your business’s water filtration needs means you are ready for a proactive change.

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