Relationship with Catherine Gamez, Drea Celina, and Malu

Ryan Garcia’s wife: who is she? And his girlfriend of old and now? The relationship details between Ryan Garcia and Catherine Gamez, Drea Celina, and Malu.

Who is Ryan Garcia?

A boxer from the United States. The boxer was born on August 8, 1998. He turned 22 this year. In the United States of America, he lives in Victorville, California. Being a wrestler of super featherweight, as well as being a super featherweight and lightweight wrestler, he is a divisional wrestler. In addition to his parents, Ryan Garcia’s mother is Lisa Garcia.

Additionally, he has his own nickname, the flash. His nationality is American. He is also born under the zodiac sign of Leo. His country or the entire world knows him as a boxer.  His nationality is American. Four of his sisters are older, and one is younger. Kayla, Demi, Octavia, Sasha, and Sean are named here along with their siblings. Their mother is from the United States. There is no wife listed for Ryan Garcia.

Boxing facts about Ryan:

Boxing is his best and favorite sport. He becomes a boxing trainer because his father wants to be a boxer. Ryan’s dreams came true, however. Both light featherweights and super featherweights are among his opponents. He follows the Orthodox boxing philosophy. The punch that he throws for knockout is legendary. On the 9th of January 2016, he made his international debut. Nevertheless, he has three famous coaches, namely Reynoso, Alvarez, and Reynoso.

The marital status of Ryan Garcia is:

Bryan Garcia’s Wife

The media and some reporters have reported that Ryan is married, but he is not. Nonetheless, we do not claim authenticity about his personal life affair based on research and resources. According to many reports and researches, Ryan Garcia has not yet been married and has no wife.

His life is filled with girlfriends. Salena Gomez is the superstar he loves to date. During his interview, he expressed his desire to spend some time with Salena Gomez and date her. Although she is not Ryan Garcia’s wife, she is his girlfriend. There are currently three women who are close to him. One of her daughters is his girlfriend. These are the names of his girlfriends:

Irene Gamez

Drea Celina


Catherine Gamez, Ryan Garcia’s ex-girlfriend:

Wife of Ryan Garcia

As we all know, Ryan is a famous boxer in the United States of America. Despite having many girls in his personal life, Catherine is not only his girlfriend. On social media and any other platform, he did not like to discuss his personal life. They had been together for many years. However, Catherine Gamez is not Ryan Garcia’s wife.

She was born on June 5th, 2000, under the name Catherine Gamez. Her city of birth was Colombia. At the age of 20, she has two children. The family she comes from is very wealthy.  Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, a city in the United States of America. Many events and bars saw Ryan and Catherine kissing each other.

Influencers or Instagram bloggers like Catherine are popular on the platform. Catherine uses Twitter as well. After the birth of Ryan’s daughter, Catherine becomes more famous. Their daughter’s name is Rylie, and both parents post pictures of Rylie on social media.

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