Luxury Wedding Dresses That You Shouldn’t Miss!

As special events demand something special, that is the reason getting your hands on the best, intricate, and unique dresses for weddings is a must.

Be it a mehndi function, barat event, or the enduring occasion of walima, the choice of the dress is all that matters.

If you are wondering what would be some crisp range of clothes, what are trendy shades in wedding designer dresses, and what styles would look enticing, then we have got you covered in the best ways.

Let’s have a glance at the significant features that a dress should hold according to the specific event.

Mehndi Function Needs Something Light Yet Extra!

When it comes to the function of mehndi, the choice of dresses varies from person to person. Some girls like to opt for simple Pakistani shalwar kameez, some like to Gagra with a shirt, and some opt for long frocks.

All the above-mentioned styles are personal’s preferences and tastes. That is why you can’t say this style is for mehndi, and this shouldn’t be for mehndi events.

But what about opting for an all-time trendy gagra, with the short shirt in a distinct shade? Mehndi functions demand the latest wedding dresses for women in awesome styles and awe-inspiring colors. 

This is the reason you should get your hands on alluring, elegant, and admirable wedding dresses.

Gotta Work & Intricate Embellishments for Barat Function

As a barat event needs some intricate embroidery, and ravishing embellishments in vibrant hues that is why we always should look for the best designer dresses for weddings.

Black, orange, maroon, navy blue, red, and pink are some colors that are all-time trendy and look very intriguing atbest designer dresses for weddings every event.

When it comes to embellishments and gotta work, you have two choices. Either choose dull golden embroidery or silver-shaded hand-crafted embellishments.

You can match the same shaded women’s accessories with your barat dress. Opt for matching jewelry options, clutch, and sandals too.

And when it comes to the makeup options, doing a light makeover, and getting your hands on smoky eye makeup with peach blush would be a very lovely makeup option.

Pull off one of the Best Wedding Dresses for Walima

After the mehndi, and barat color options, styling opportunities, and makeup options, the walima event should be unforgettable.

Choosing the right Pakistani designer dresses for a wedding for a walima occasion should be very thoughtful.

When it comes to the options in colors, always choose light, yet striking shades. Peach, silver, ferozi, and pastel mint shades look very interesting, and eye-catchy.

Now, let’s have a look at some intricate designer wedding dresses for Mehndi, Barat, and walima, and see what would become your new favorite for your next event.

Short Shirt & Garara Styled Dress- Best for Mehndi

As we all know that Mehndi is the most enjoyable function in every home which is why pulling off one of the best women’s dresses for a wedding is a must!

We have got a beautiful article from the wide collection of Ketifa. Let’s have a glance at the exquisite features of this dress.

The rose-shaded shirt has pretty embroidered work on the borders and sleeves. And if we talk about the fabric of the shirt, then it is chiffon. Moreover, the neckline of this shirt also illustrates stunning hand-embellished embroidery that would look very enticing if you opt for a choker set with it!

When it comes to trousers, the hue of ferozi is capturing all the attention. The fabric of the lehenga is jacquard, and it’s of a double panel giving you the look of a Barbie doll.

As we all know that when we look for designer wedding dresses online, we won’t find any color rather than brown, orange, yellow, and green.

But getting your hands on this ravishing color combination will make your mehndi event memorable.

Aside from seeing the details, fabric, and color of this gorgeous Mehndi dress, let’s give some trendy fashion tricks to pull off this dress in a killer way.

Curling your hair, or tying them up in a nice bun is an evergreen hairstyle with mehndi dresses. Opt for nice golden-hued jewelry that matches your dress color. And don’t forget to pull off your contrasting bangles, and golden-shaded sandals.

If you are confused after seeing the high Pakistani wedding dresses with prices, then don’t think twice, and get your hands on this dress, as it’s completely affordable!

Vibrant & Dark Hues of Wedding Dresses for Barat

As most of us search for one of the best wedding dresses online and don’t find anything fruitful.

So, what about purchasing an outstanding hands-embellished dress in all-times in black color for the next barat event?

This black-shaded dress illustrates pretty gotta work embellishments on the neckline. As this has already covered your neckline, so there won’t be any need of wearing a choker set, or pendant with this dress.

Most Pakistani wedding dresses that are crafted for barat functions come up with heavy intricate embroidery that doesn’t match the trend. But Ketifa knows very well how to provide the best Pakistani wedding dresses for women that match the trend, mood, and preferences.

Besides the neckline, the embroidered colors of silver gray & dull golden in a scattered pattern look very intriguing. And not only this, the gorgeous tassels on the frocks border are giving you all the fashion diva vibe.

Now, let’s see another ravishing dress for walima, as we have already decided to present you with dresses for all the mandatory functions!

Delve into the Beautiful Embellishments of Ferozi & Silver

Walima is the most memorable, and enjoyable day of every wedding event. As this day is the last day of the wedding function, pulling off one of the best fancy dresses for a wedding is a must.

That is why we are going to put forward one of the beautiful walima dresses. This froze-hued chiffon dress catches the eye at first glance. 

If we talk about the keen, and notable features of this dress, then it illustrates silver-shaded embriodery work on the neckline, border, and front side.

As the embroidery of this pretty wedding dress in Pakistan is in a floral pattern, so you don’t have to stress over some floral-shaped jewelry with this dress.

The front of this shirt comes up with the border patch, and so is the back of this shirt. If we talk about the trouser, then it’s of plain grip style.

When it comes to the styling, the options are endless. Match pink, or rose-shaded lipstick, and do light yet glam makeup with this dress, and let your choice of picking up one of the best designer wedding dresses in Pakistan come to an end.

Latest Wedding Dresses for Women by Ketifa. pk!

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Get your hands on stitched, or unstitched ladies’ suits in diverse options. You can also customize your favorite dress, as we have skilled workers who cater to the trend, and mood, effortlessly!

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