Let That (New) Sink In: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Are you tired of seeing the same old ugly tiles on your bathroom floors and walls? Do you always have to squeeze into the shower to take a bath? Perhaps you’re absolutely repelled by your bathroom. If that’s the case, an all-inclusive bathroom remodeling may be the only solution to bring back the physically gratifying baths you previously enjoyed. Let’s explore how we can bring those sensual and relaxing bath moments with bath remodeling. We’ve got your back.

A Spectacular White Bathroom

Want a calm, chic, and cleaner look? Then white may be the only ingredient missing in your bathroom. Although it’s a simple color, white has the power to turn any space into an elegant and sparkly one. White bathrooms look timeless. You can either go with an all-white bath remodeling to get an overall smooth and glossy white look or add touches of white all over the bathroom. Play around with different shades of white to add warmth to the space. A potted plant will break the washed-out or wintry feel in the bathroom. Add geometric light fixtures to bring more interest into the bathroom. Warm up the space by adding a colored rug by the vanity or tub. Contrast the white with goldish or rose goldish faucets. You can also go the bold way and contrast white and black in your bathroom.

How About a Spa-Like Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into your own little sanctuary. You don’t need an unlimited budget to bring spa luxury into your home. A few tricks will fetch you a spa-like experience each time you take a bath. To get this look, focus on enhancing your connection with nature as you remodel the bathroom. Adding nature-like features like bamboo, rocks, or a stone wall will instantaneously add a spa-like feel to the bathroom. Think of incorporating natural decor pieces in your bath remodeling. Add a potted plant by the bathtub or on the floor. Go for pots with earthy tones or made from natural material. Ensure you add a plant that loves moisture. Don’t forget to add a bouquet of fresh flowers to the vanity. Think of switching your bathroom sink with a new bamboo sink. The new bamboo sink brings in a spa aura. Ensure you maintain a clutter-free bathroom to enjoy the spa-like baths.

Knock Down a Wall

You can definitely incorporate an open floor plan layout in your bathroom. If you’ve always wanted a walk-in shower or unrestricted baths, this is the time to knock down a wall. An open floor bathroom will make a previously tiny bathroom appear spacious, aesthetically pleasing, and luxurious. If you’re not worried about privacy, why not go with a dramatic open-plan bathroom. Consider adding a new floating sink to enhance a continuous open look to the bathroom. However, you will need to think of a drainage plan and a transition between the shared spaces. If you’re concerned about privacy, a semi-open layout may be the best design for you.

Pebble Your Baths

Add a fascinating panache to the bathroom by adding a pebbled feature in the bathroom. You can add pebbles on the sink area, the floor, or the walls or highlight the bath area if you adore the rustic beauty emanated by nature. Whether you add neutral-colored or colorful pebbles on the shower floor or the walls, they all add a clean and classical feel to your bathroom. Play around with shapes and patterns to create a focal point in the bathroom. You can also use pebbles as decorative in the bathroom. Put them inside the sink to hide any flaws or cracks.

Go All-In With Mirrors

Mirrors add visual interest to the bathroom. They also brighten and create a spacious feel to the bathroom. An unframed wall-to-wall mirror will add a continuous look to the bathroom making it expansive. You can also place a full-length mirror next to a bathtub. A sleek unframed mirror will look good next to a free-standing bathtub. Magnify lighting by using mirrors. Mirrors behind lights magnify the light. Don’t forget to creatively hang a mirror above the sink or the vanity. Stay away from the to-go-to designs and hang a quirky or oddly shaped mirror above the vanity or sink.


These bath remodeling ideas will give the bathroom a long-overdue facelift. If any bathroom accessory and material still works, repair and refinish instead of replacing to save on cost.

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