Learn the difference between dedicated IPs and shared IPs

The basic difference between dedicated IPs is that they will be given exclusively to one user at a time. No one else will be able to use it. On the contrary, if we talk about shared IP, it is not going to be exclusive. Many users will be using the same IP. 

Hide your identity with proxy

A great way to hide your real identity is when you want to access some websites on the internet, then using a proxy is the best option. No one will know who you are and what kind of internet surfing you are doing.

While looking for different proxies, you might get confused between the two types. You might end up choosing from the dedicated and shared proxy. It would be better to choose a dedicated proxy over a shared one. 

Now you might think why we are talking more about dedicated proxy as a better option? Let’s have a better look at the definitions of both types of proxies and why you need to go for a dedicated one.

What is a dedicated proxy?

One user will be able to use the dedicated proxy at a time because it will get assigned to s single user. It is also kind of a private proxy.

What is a shared proxy?

Multiple users can use a shared proxy at the same time.

What is the main difference between a dedicated proxy and a shared one?

The significant difference that you might have learned so far between private dedicated proxies and a shared one is that a dedicated proxy is a safer and private option. It will get assigned to a single user. At the same time, a shared proxy will get assigned to multiple users. So, it is not much of a safer option. 

Reasons why do you need to choose a dedicated proxy over a shared one

Following are the three reasons why a dedicated proxy is a better option than a shared proxy. Well, three reasons would be enough to help you to make the final decision:

1. Ultrafast speed

Without high browsing speed, you might not be able to work faster. Number one reason you should prefer a dedicated proxy is that you get speed. You will be the sole owner of the dedicated proxy IP, so the speed won’t get divided among multiple users.

You get all the bandwidth to yourself, and you wouldn’t have to share it with anyone else, which means you will be able to browse data at ultra-fast speed.

2. Full control over your IP

You will have full control over your IP. A dedicated proxy will be given to you and only you. No one else will be able to use it for their benefit. No one else will have control or access to your IP. If you let someone else use your proxy, then still you will have the control that how someone can use your IP.

The IP address gets blocked when you try to do something illegal. When you get a shared proxy, you will have no idea what the other user is doing while using their proxy IP. Even if you are not doing something illegal, you will end up facing the consequences. This won’t be the case when you choose a dedicated proxy.

3. More secure and reliable option

When it comes to safety and privacy, no other proxy is a better option than compared to the dedicated proxy. It is also called a private proxy. 

When you get a dedicated proxy, one thing is guaranteed no one will ever get to know about you. You will be the only owner of the IP. Your personal information will never be compromised. Your browsing will be even safer as compared to if you use shared proxy IP. 

Get dedicated from the right source – ightproxies

You just can’t find any random proxy provider. Dedicated proxies are a bit more expensive than shared proxies. There is a slight chance that the provider might lie to you that you have been assigned a dedicated proxy, but in reality, that might be the shared one. So, you should trust any blind provider if you want to end up losing your privacy. 

The dedicated proxy does come with various beneficial facts, and if you want to use this type of private proxy, then you need to get this service from a trustworthy provider. Yes, from lightproxies you can get your dedicated proxy IP. 

The final words:

Well, we have talked enough about dedicated proxies above. Still, if you think that a shared proxy would work for you because you don’t have that kind of budget for buying a dedicated one, then you can get this proxy service from lightproxies too. It would be better if you go for the safer option even if it is not in your budget.

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