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Credit Cards

Credit cards, or plastic, are almost a necessary part of our society today. There are not very many people who don’t have at least one. Many people have more than one with different rewards on each.

There are some people who have bad history or no history and can’t get a card easily. They can check – kredittkort uten kredittsjekk to see if there are credit cards with no credit checks. They might be able to help you to find the right card for your needs.

This article will give you some ideas about how to get a card without a check. It will help you to find ways to get one without any credit at all, or with a badreport. You can also do research on your own to find more information.

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No Credit Checks

It seems almost impossible to get a card without any report and it is impossible to get any history without any credit. It’s a never-ending circle that you can’t get out of, it seems. However, there are ways to get out of this circle. 

There are cards that you can get without any score, it’s just a little more difficult for you. There are cards that are made just for people with no history or bad history. Some of these cards are secured which means that you must add some of your own money as a security.

The reason that is so difficult for you to get a card without any score is because the lenders don’t know your creditworthiness. They can’t determine it and can’t look at your history because you have none. This makes it difficult for them to trust that you will make your payments when you get your plastic. 

Having no history at all is different than having a bad history. With a bad score, you have used products such as cards or loans in the past and haven’t done well in paying them back. Having no history means that you haven’t taken out a loan or had any cards in the past. 

Scores don’t always reflect that you don’t have a history. If you have no score, you have no score at all. This makes it difficult for lenders to determine if you are creditworthy.

Once you begin using your credit, you will start building your score. You can build it up by taking out loans and cards and paying them off on time. You can also build it by using it and not abusing it. 

These scores are calculated by the three main bureaus depending on how you are using credit. These scores can be between 300 and above 800. 300 is the worst that you can have while above 800 is the best. 

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There are free reports that you can get to determine your score. This is where the lenders will look. These reports will also show you what history you have including all loans and cards that you have. 

There are monitoring sites that can track your score for you, but there is no official site. There are sites such as Credit Karma or CreditWise from Capital One. These sites will help you to keep track of your scores so that you can do something if it begins to get lower.

If you check your report and notice something that isn’t right, you can dispute them. This happens when lenders make mistakes and when someone has stolen your identity. It can also happen when you have paid off something and the lender hasn’t shown as paid off. 

You could also find your debts that are listed in collections. If you do have debts in collections, call the collection agencies and see if you can make deals to pay off those debts. Some creditors will even lower the amount that you owe if you promise to pay it off. This can sometimes even be half of what you owe.

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There are some cards that are made just for people with no credit or bad credit. Some lenders specialize in people like that. A secured card is one of those products available. 

A secured card is one that you must make a security deposit on. If you deposit $200 on your card, your limit for that is $200: Your limit will be whatever you deposit. 

You will get your deposit back when you close your card. This usually happens if you have upgraded to a regular card and still have your deposit available. Otherwise, your deposit is usually spent. 

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you apply for your first plastic. The first is if you have checked your report lately. If you haven’t checked, you won’t even know if you have a history. 

You should also ask yourself if you are willing to put a cash deposit down as collateral. This might be the easiest way to get plastic for the first time, but some people aren’t willing to do this. There are cards that your deposit can be as low as $49. 

Another question is if you are willing to be serious about building your credit. If you keep getting cards or loans and not paying them back on time, you aren’t serious. You need to be careful and make all your payments on time. 

There is another way that you can build your credit with little risk to you. A family member or friend could make you an authorized user on their cards. This only works if that person has goodhistory and is willing to help. If they do this, their account will show up in your history.

If that person doesn’t do well with their credit, that will also show up in your history. That is why you need to carefully choose the person that you want to be an authorized user for. You want to build your credit, not harm it. 

People with little or no history need to be careful about the cards that are offered to them. There are usually many offers that are sent to these people promising to give them credit if you only pay the “low” fees. These fees can be as much as two or three hundred dollars for the annual fee as well as monthly maintenance fees.

You could also be subject to higher APRs and interest fees because you have no history. These fees can be in the thirties. See here to learn more about APRs. This might be okay if you feel that you can still make the payments each month to keep your history looking good.

If you want to help with your own credit, make sure that you pay all your bills on time, or even early. If you do this, your score will begin to rise, and you will build your history. You also don’t want to max out any cards that you do get. 

If you choose to get a card, whether it is secured or unsecured, you need to know that there are ways to use the card to your best advantage. It helps if you know all the things that go into making your credit history. These things are easy for you to control.

The first thing that goes into making your score is your payment history – this is 35% of your score. The amounts that you owe makes up another 30%, while length of history is 15%. New credit and your credit mix each make up 10%. 


Although it is difficult, it is possible to get a card with no checks, especially if you have no credit or bad credit. These types of cards are secured cards that you must make a security deposit on before you are able to use them. You can also get unsecured cards if you are willing to make high annual payments or monthly fee payments. 

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