Create easy-to-distribute PDF online tools

How to create PDFs that are easy to distribute? The purpose of this article is to let you experience the essentials and technical knowledge of easily creating distribution files through PDF online tools. The tools used in this article are all free online and suitable for anyone who wants to Or people who distribute PDF files on the internet.

Desktop editing PDF

The main purpose of creating PDFs can be broadly classified into delivering the results of editing and production such as desktops to printing companies as PDF files, in other words, using them as intermediate data for printing . Also, PDF instead of distributing documents will distribute documents for circulation, accumulation and preservation.

Word online can be used to create and edit desktop Word documents online, which is very beneficial for office workers who distribute files. There are many documents that need to be distributed every day. Using online editing services can solve the problem of occupying computer space.

 Online services are available out of the box, no login or registration required.

Fonts must be embedded when creating a PDF for distribution. However, when jpg to pdf , this does not apply.

The reason is that PDF readers render characters in similar fonts when the same font is not available on the device that created the PDF and the device that reads the PDF. However, different fonts result in different character shapes, character heights, and widths, resulting in changes in the display width of text.

PDFs are usually created on PCs such as Windows and Macintosh, but PDFs can be read not only on PCs, but also on smartphones and tablets. Pay particular attention to operating system manufacturer-specific fonts, such as MS Mincho and MS Gothic. When saving a PDF with Microsoft Office etc., fonts can be embedded without any special settings (confirmed with Microsoft Word 2013 on Windows 10).

If you want to convert pdf to excel , you can use the relevant converter on the AbcdPDF service website. If the character encoding is not preserved correctly, the only solution is to replace a reliable conversion tool .

Use web optimization

Due to the file structure of the PDF, the file cannot be displayed until the end of the download. However, if you set web optimization (also known as linearization) for your PDF, it doesn’t need to be downloaded to the end to start displaying. For example, in Acrobat Reader, you can check whether the PDF is optimized for web viewing in the Summary property.

When reading with a PDF reader, sometimes you want to jump directly to the section you want to read instead of moving back and forth between PDF pages. At times like this, let’s set a bookmark.

Also, such as setting links from table of contents or page numbers to headings in the text Jump from the table of contents to relevant parts of the body, or jump from index entries (page numbers) to relevant places in the text Add bookmarks and internal links to your PDF . For optimized PDF web documents, you can use merge pdf to complete the final merge.


How to create PDFs that are easy to distribute? This article introduces you to online tools for creating PDFs that are easy to distribute, and hopes to help you in your office work.

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