Common Cyber Mistakes To Avoid

Cybercrime is a fast-growing issue, with attacks becoming increasingly prevalent and criminals using advanced tactics to cause damage. A cyber attack can be challenging to recover from as a business, as it can result in significant financial loss, legal issues, and a damaged reputation. Therefore, it is vital that companies know how to protect themselves against the latest threats. You will often see companies make the same mistakes when it comes to cybercrime, so it is helpful to be aware of what these mistakes are and how they can be avoided. Keep reading to learn about the main cyber mistakes to avoid.

Putting Off Software Updates

One of the most common mistakes that businesses (and individuals) make regarding cybercrime is delaying software updates. When you get an alert for a software update, it is very easy to put this off and click β€œremind me tomorrow,” but each time that you do this, you are putting your company at risk. Software updates usually contain security upgrades that will address vulnerabilities and provide protection against the latest threats. This is why it is vital that you complete updates at your earliest convenience.

Lack Of Training

A huge mistake that companies make regarding cybercrime is a lack of training for staff. You could have strong protection in place, but this will not help much if your employees do not know how to spot scams and carry out their roles safely. Research shows that a whopping 95% of attacks are successful due to human error, so you need to provide training for your team so they can work safely. This is particularly important if you have remote workers, as this is a primary reason why attacks have been on the rise.

Not Using A Zero Trust Model

Another mistake that is common in 2023 is not using a zero trust security model. These days, you should not trust anyone and understand that attacks can come from both inside and outside a network. Therefore, it is important that every user is authenticated each time they attempt to use important data, applications, and devices. A zero trust model can help to strengthen your security as well as meet the latest regulations. Zero trust can also make remote work easier as access is protected from all devices and locations, meaning that employees do not have to be onsite.

Weak Password Protection

Finally, weak password protection is another mistake that is all too common. It is easy to see why people use easy-to-remember passwords and the same passwords for different accounts, but this can make it a lot easier for cybercriminals. This is why you should have a password policy in place requiring complex passwords, different passwords for different accounts, and changing passwords periodically. Additionally, MFA can help to add another layer of defense.

These are the mistakes that you want to avoid when it comes to cybercrime. With cybercrime on the rise, it is hugely important that organizations know how to protect themselves and address any vulnerabilities that they have.

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