20+ Allama Iqbal Poetry in English with Images

allama iqbal poetry in english
Allama Iqbal Poetry in English

Allama Iqbal wrote poetry in many languages like Urdu, Arabic, and Persian are the most common languages where you can read poetry. But many people want to read Allama Iqbal Poetry in English, but Allama Iqbal did not write any poetry or poem in the English language. We have translated his some most famous Quotes into English that you can easily read from here.

Here is a list of Iqbal poetry in English


raise yourself so high that before every destiny

Allah himself asked the servant that what is your pleasure?


beyond the stars, there are more universe

now, there are more trials of love

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i want the extremity of your love

check my simplicity, what i want


there is joy in the knowledge but still

this is the paradise where there is no maiden


when the hawkish spirit awakens in the young

they see their destination in the sky

so you are Syed and Mirza and Afghan

you are everything, tell me you are also a Muslim?


Neither this world nor that world is for your free slaves

Prohibition to die here, prohibition to live there

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Iqbal is not disappointed with his cultivators

this soil is very fertile if it is slightly moist


i am looking for myself, Iqbal

like i am a traveler, i am a destination


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