A Guide to 22K Gold Indian Earrings

Choosing the perfect earrings can be a more difficult task than you think. This is particularly true if you are attending a special engagement or have an important occasion coming up. The accessories you wear can make or break your outfit.

You may have heard everybody talking about 22-karat gold Indian earrings lately. They are on trend, and with so many beautiful styles, there is something everyone can enjoy. But if you want to learn more about them before you buy, do not worry. We have created an easy-to-read guide on 22-karat gold Indian earrings. So, let’s get started.

What is 22-Karat Gold?

First of all, you have probably seen people talking about 22-karat gold. But what does this really mean when it comes to jewelry? Well, 22-karat gold means that a piece has 22 parts of gold and then there are two parts of another material. Often, this is going to be other metals and alloys. For example, we are talking about copper, nickel or silver. You may see 22-karat gold earrings referred to as 916 gold. This just means the same thing and it will depend on the brand what they want to call it.

The highest karat you can get when it comes to gold jewelry is 24. But, most people prefer to wear 22-karat gold when it comes to earrings. This is because it is stronger and more durable for wear every day. For stylish earrings to wear, you can check out Queen of Hearts. They are a brand that specialises in Indian jewelry, which includes beautiful 22-karat gold earrings and jewelry sets.

Why Choose Gold Indian Earrings?

We have mentioned that people love gold. It is a beautiful material that offers durability and strengthen when you are careful with the karat number. But, why should you choose Indian earrings? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people love them.

Intricate Designs

When you see Indian earrings, you will understand exactly why they are so popular. The designs are beautiful and intricate, and you can tell that a lot of thought and work has been put into them. Going this extra mile means that they are special to wear and you can appreciate them. Indeed, they are sure to get you a lot of compliments when you wear them with your outfit

Bold Colors

Are you somebody that likes to experiment with colors? Well, you are going to love Indian earrings. You are going to find that some of the designs are fun and bright. In particular, they include bold colors, which can transform your outfit. You will find it exciting to wear your new earrings since the colors are vivid and stand out against the gold metal. You can choose to accessorize the earrings with the same colors as your outfit so that you are matching.

Unique Styles

When it comes to some earrings, everything can look the same. Indeed, this can be quite boring and you do not want to spend a lot of money on earrings that all have similar colors, designs and shapes. So, this is where you should check out Indian earrings. You are definitely going to get some unique styles that you will not find anywhere else. You can know that nobody is going to have the same pair as you at an event.

They Have Meaning

When you are in India, wearing gold earrings has a lot of meaning behind it. in particular, it can convey your status in society, as well as your wealth. Indeed, they are often worn by married women. So, this is something you can enjoy when you wear Indian earrings. You can enjoy jewelry that has meaning and you can show off your status at the same time. Indeed, this can be something that is fun and it can be fascinating to join in with traditions from another culture.

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