A Complete Guide For Website Translation 

Creating a website that can be accessed by a global audience presents many challenges, especially when it comes to localising the content for each individual market. Internationalising a website involves a complex process of localization which requires careful consideration and understanding of the target culture. This article will provide you with an in-depth guide on website translation, outlining the steps necessary for successful global expansion.

Types of Translation Services

Standard Translation 

Standard translation is a type of translation service that can help businesses reach a global audience by translating their websites into multiple languages. This type of service eliminates the communication barriers created by language differences and ensures that businesses are able to communicate effectively with customers from all over the world. 


Localization is an essential step for companies who want to expand their reach across the world. It involves adapting content, materials, and services to make them accessible and meaningful for a local audience. Website translation is one of the most important types of localization services that allows businesses to effectively communicate with customers in different countries.


Transcreation is a type of translation service that goes beyond literal translations to ensure content remains culturally relevant and engaging for the target audience. It involves adapting website content to the local language, culture, and values of a specific region or market for maximum impact. Transcreation is often used in website localization which involves translating websites into other languages.

Technology Required 

With the right technology and plugins, websites can be quickly translated into multiple languages without losing important content or functionality. This guide provides readers with an overview of the types of plugins needed to make website translation a simple and straightforward process. 


To effectively translate a site into another language, developers must first install a plugin that handles the conversion between languages. Depending on the platform used for development, there are several options available ranging from open-source solutions to more advanced commercial plugins. 

In addition to language conversions, these plugins also offer features such as automated spell-checking, grammar correction, and text formatting tools to ensure accuracy across all translations.

Once the primary plugin has been installed, additional tools may be required depending on the platform being used for development.

Machine Translation 

The process of translating web pages from one language to another can be complex and time-consuming. Machine translation offers an easy solution for website owners who need reliable translations quickly and efficiently. By using automated software, websites can be quickly translated into multiple languages with near-perfect accuracy. The technology uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse text input and generate output that closely follows the original source material. Additionally, machine translations are often more cost-effective than hiring a professional translator for each language version of a website that needs translating.

Human Translation 

Human translation has become a critical element of website translation in recent years, as businesses large and small strive to reach global audiences and provide content in multiple languages. Human translations, as opposed to machine translations, offer immense benefits for website owners.

Human translators such as Skrivanek Translations are able to capture the nuances of language that a machine simply isn’t designed to recognize– from cultural references to idiomatic phrases. This means that human translation can provide more accurate results when it comes to translating websites for international users. Additionally, a human translator can better understand the context of the original text and how best to convey that meaning in another language. Furthermore, taking into account regional dialects or variations on standard language is an essential part of any good website translation project and this is something only human translators can do effectively.

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