5 Smartphone Technology Trends That Will Continue in 2022

Smartphones are always developing. The patterns that were prevalent in 2021 have carried over into 2022 and will continue to be prevalent with some modifications. The introduction of features such as foldable displays and 144Hz refresh rates in smartphones has occurred mostly among the luxury flagship handsets. Mid-range devices have also benefited from other developments, such as 120Hz and 90Hz refresh rate displays. The triple camera trend was still prevalent in the previous year and is expected to continue through 2022. Assisting technologies like as 5G will continue to make headlines in 2022, even though no one knows when they will really be available.

Here are five technologies that we believe will continue to be seen on smartphones in 2022.


A breakthrough technology that has been on its way to India for the last two years or more, but it is still unclear when it will become a reality in the country. However, smartphone manufacturers aren’t concerned about the schedule, and instead are aggressively introducing 5G-enabled handsets by 2021. The chipset manufacturers promote their processors on the basis of 5G, and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) put it into their handsets. More 5G-enabled devices will be available in 2022, with the technology becoming more widely available despite the fact that there is no use case for it. 

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Atleast 120Hz

Smartphone displays are available in a variety of resolutions and refresh rates, ranging from the most basic 60Hz refresh rate to the maximum possible 144Hz. Although the 90Hz refresh rate is now the industry standard, screens may be upgraded to higher resolutions as early as 2022. The 90Hz refresh rate may become the usual, while the 120Hz refresh rate may become the standard, and the 144Hz screen refresh rate will be used to accompany the premium flagship smartphones in the future.

Phones that fold are becoming more popular.

In 2022, a few new products will be introduced in the niche technology. The foldable phones may attract attention, but sales figures will stay stagnant since there is still very little momentum for them as a result of their high price. Almost every foldable smartphone would set you back approximately Rs. 1 lakh, and there are still many misunderstandings about them. There are just a few manufacturers producing foldable phones, including Samsung, Oppo, LG, and Motorola, but only Samsung sells them commercially, with Oppo introducing its first foldable smartphone, the Find N, in India in 2022.


Despite the fact that the triple camera arrangement will remain in 2022, the resolution may be reduced to 50MP as a starting point. In 2022, the resolution of the selfie camera will be standardized at 32MP


Smartphones with a larger battery and the ability to charge quickly will continue to be favoured in the year 2022. The manufacturers of smartphones have been experimenting with power adapters, and a 120W rapid charger is currently available on the market. The battery is a critical component, and quick charging enhances the experience. People will pick a bundle that includes such possibilities, and a 60W charger may be typical in certain cases.

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