4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Quality Assurance Testing and Review

With advanced technology, it is not wrong to imply that the world has shrunk to the size of a palm and has landed in our hands(literally). With such advancement, the market for apps and software has expanded. The high-functioning, stable, and interactive software and apps are usually the result of extensive quality assurance testing. The end-user might not know it, but software QA testing is inevitable during the developing stages and even after release. To understand why QA is crucial, we must first understand what QA testing is. 

What is QA testing? 

Quality Assurance can be defined as a set of methods designed to ensure that the developed software is aligned with the specifications. It works out ways to prevent bugs during the process of software development. Various methods are incorporated to check and locate the bugs. Quality assurance can enable the developers to see whether the developed software meets their expectations or not. QA is not more of a choice but a necessity for companies. It is a necessity because of numerous gaps in software architecture, which usually lead to unexpected software behavior. Some of these gaps can be insignificant, but many others can be crucial! That is why every software needs Software quality assurance services before being released to the customers.

 Why do Businesses need QA services?

A famous social media site, Facebook, faced a challenging security issue back in 2016. A security researcher found a bug in the site’s security system. The bug could unlock any user’s account, thus sabotaging the users’ privacy. The bug was unknown before the researcher stumbled upon it, and it was the result of a new update. Such incidents can be avoided if QA services are rendered efficiently. Such is the importance of Quality assurance and testing. 

All businesses need QA solutions to overcome the bugs or simply test the products before releasing them to the consumers. Small businesses often overlook it as they do not produce enough products/ or software. But the size of the company should not matter, and despite the size, Software Quality assurance services must be implemented. There are a number reasons as to why any business, especially small businesses, would require QA services. Let us have a look at the reasons:

  1. Save time and Money

If the bugs in a software are found early in the development stages, it becomes easier to fix them, and it costs less at that time as well. As time passes and the software is near release, it is way more expensive to fix the bugs at that time. It is better to hire a QA expert team to catch and fix bugs at the early stages. The figure below shows a perfect comparison of how costs increase as the software goes through different phases of development. 

  • Increase efficiency

Once your company has an expert QA tester team, it will be easier for you to train the staff and work on the software efficiently. The whole software development process will be specific and clear, and it will take less time, thus increasing the employee’s productivity. Having clarity in goals also helps in defining your expectations. Employees can recognize these expectations and work towards fulfilling them. 

  • Enhance business credibility

Every business wishes that consumers associate their brand with a certain positive image and feelings whenever their consumers think of their brandThe reputation of a company depends on the quality of the products it makes. Having a proper QA solution will help acquire a good reputation among consumers. Using QA testing will help ensure the quality of the products from development till they reach the user end. 

  • Preserve the user experience

As the developers spend hours on a product or app, it is difficult for them to recognize small bugs. Therefore, they need a new pair of eyes to look at the code and find bugs. Testing the software from a user’s perspective is essential to maintain the standard. Every product’s success depends on how the users perceive it, and therefore the user experience is the top priority for a business. 


Despite having a simple product or running a small business, Quality Assurance solutions like usability testing, responsive testing, functional testing & automation testing services are required by every company. A well-developed quality assurance test system can help businesses maintain reputation, preserve users’ experience, and cut unnecessary costs. Software QA testers ensure that a product reaches the users in the best form possible.

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