3 Things to do Before Using Pharmaceutical Drugs

It’s quite common these days for people to rely heavily on pharmaceutical drugs when it comes to bodily aches and pains. We live in a world where we are not as in tune with our bodies as they may have been many years ago. There are surgeries performed often that end up going badly and can typically make the pain worsened or compromised. So many aches and pains that span throughout the entire body that include headaches, back aches, neck aches, shoulder and knee pain. Commonly people will go to the doctor and complain about these issues and will pretty easily be prescribed some type of medication that is supposed to help alleviate the aches and pains. But in reality, it’s only a bandaid effect and even sometimes will prolong the issues or even make them worse. These pharmaceutical drugs can cause many major symptoms in people that end up being worse than the origanal problem to begin with such as suicidal thoughts and sleep issues. Sleep is one of the most important healing aspects we have to heal our bodies, and sleep deprivation alone is a severe issue to deal with. There are other ways to go about healing our bodies without putting pharmaceutical drugs into our bodies. Here are 3 things you can do before opting for a prescription medication: stretch your body and muscles often, use an inversion device, attend physical therapy, and drink lots of water and salt.

Stretch Your Body and Muscles Often

To stretch your body and muscles, that doesn’t just mean moving your body a little bit here and there. This means you really need to take the time every morning or night to use a handful of tools and techniques to stretch your body and muscles. You can get a back roller and roll back and forth on the ground to make sure those tightened muscles are loosened often. Laying in a child’s pose is a great way to stretch. Sitting in a butterfly position can help stretch your legs. Touching or reaching for your toes for 30 seconds can really loosen the tight muscles on the back of your legs. 

Use an Inversion Device

An inversion device is one of those devices that you hook yourself up to and it will hold you in an upside down position. Doing this every day for a few minutes a day can do much more good than you will be able to immediately notice. Over time, you will start to see the benefits. Or hanging from a bar of some sort a few times for 15 seconds each time will pull at specific parts of your body to alleviate tension. 

Attend Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t taken advantage of enough. So many people could benefit from a couple visits per month that would greatly benefit their lives. Regular physical therapy can help alleviate regular back pain and even migraines. To add to that, drink water often to help the joints and muscles loosen on their own. A pinch of Redmond Real Salt with a lot of water can actually dissipate a headache naturally and is much healthier than some of the alternatives. Rexburg Physical Therapy can help you get started on your healthy journey. 

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